Women's Football

Women's football

Homara Sawa of Japan lifts the trophy
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Women’s football has flourished in recent years, and interest in football played by women is currently at an all-time high. FIFA believes that women’s football still has even more potential for growth, and we actively promote women’s football worldwide through major competitions and events, campaigns and development programmes.

However, as the game develops, there is so much that can be done by the global football community and the sports industry to harness the true potential of women’s football.

In particular, as the guardians of the game, FIFA, the confederations and the member associations need to use this high level of potential and these opportunities to increase and develop:

The number of players who have access to the game.

The quality of women’s football.

Player pathways from grassroots to elite.

Female opportunities in football, both on and off the pitch.

*  FIFA’s mission for Women’s Football*

FIFA promotes the development of women's football and pledges to support women's football financially and to give players, coaches, referees and officials the opportunity to become actively involved in football. FIFA is helping to popularise the game by increasing public awareness and conducting information campaigns as well as overcoming social and cultural obstacles for women with the ultimate aim of improving women's standing in society.

* Objectives*

To ensure that every girl and woman who wants to play football has the opportunity to do so.

To help member associations to overcome the main challenges of developing women’s football.

To promote female opportunities, both on and off the pitch.

To involve more former female players.

To have more quality top-level female coaches.

To help build sustainable (professional) national and regional women’s
football competitions at various levels.

To constantly improve the quality, the organisation and the expansion of FIFA women's football competitions.

To encourage the promotion and marketing of women’s football at all levels to grow participation, build the audience and target potential partners.