FIFA welcomes decision of Zurich Labour Court upholding dismissal of Markus...

12 Apr 2021

In a judgment of 10 March 2021, after a case lasting almost five years, the Zurich Labour Court held that the 2016 dismissal of Markus Kattner, former FIFA Acting Secretary General, was justified and appropriate.

The Court determined that, given the breaches of loyalty committed by this former employee, it would have been inconceivable to allow him to continue working at FIFA. Consequently, his dismissal without notice was fully justified.

Mr Kattner initially claimed over CHF 10 million from FIFA as “compensation” for alleged wrongful termination. This claim was based on an employment contract signed with him by the previous FIFA administration on 31 May 2015 (four days after the arrests of numerous football officials at the Baur au Lac Hotel in Zurich). That claim was rejected in full by the Court.

The decision of the Zurich Labour Court is subject to appeal.

CONMEBOL member associations take part in FIFA Global Integrity Programme

08 Apr 2021

Following the successful launch of the Global Integrity Programme implemented in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), FIFA has today started the second series of virtual workshops that will see integrity officers and anti-corruption experts from CONMEBOL’s ten member associations gathering during the course of three modules.

The CONMEBOL sessions are scheduled for 8 April, 21/22 April and 4/5 May, and they follow on from the initial edition of the programme with the AFC’s member associations that took place in March 2021.

In line with FIFA’s overall vision of making football truly global, as well as its ongoing commitment to protecting and promoting the integrity of the game, the FIFA Global Integrity Programme is designed to improve education and build integrity capacity within all 211 member associations by sharing advanced know-how and resources with integrity officers. The programme also reflects the UNODC’s objective of supporting governments and sports organisations in their efforts to safeguard sport from corruption and crime.

Following the CONMEBOL sessions, the programme is due to resume in August 2021 with the participation of Concacaf’s member associations.

As part of its ongoing integrity initiatives, FIFA signed a memorandum of understanding with the UNODC in September 2020 to step up their joint cooperation to address the threats posed by crime to sport.

For more information on the UNODC’s work on safeguarding sport from corruption and crime, please click HERE. For more information on the FIFA Global Integrity Programme and FIFA Integrity, please visit

Football Law Talks: Financial Fair Play in Football: an overview of models ...

26 Mar 2021

FIFA Legal continues its FOOTBALL LAW TALKS 2021 with the second webinar “Financial Fair Play in Football: an overview of models and CAS jurisprudence” with Mark Hovell (CAS Arbitrator).

FIFA Legal's FOOTBALL LAW TALKS are tailored towards lawyers with an interest in sport law and/or in-house legal counsels of international or national federations, clubs, leagues and player unions and are delivered by experts and practitioners from the specific legal fields.

You can find further details about the Football Law Talks 2021 on or in the official brochure.

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