Diploma in Football Law

Materials Diploma Football Law

In recent years, the development of regulations and legal decisions in football has become extraordinarily relevant to the work of professionals at national associations, leagues, clubs and players’ unions.

With this undeniable reality in mind, FIFA has set itself the objective of ensuring that football’s stakeholders can get to know the most relevant aspects of the legal field first-hand. As the world’s leading football organisation, FIFA’s various goals and responsibilities include promoting education and sharing knowledge. Two great topics, football and law, combined with some of the most renowned experts, leaders, arbitrators and sports lawyers have resulted in the FIFA Diploma in Football Law.

The FIFA Diploma in Football Law is a unique journey covering five continents, during which you will acquire the in-depth knowledge, skills and experience required to be able to perform at your best, upgrade your football law knowledge, and pursue a long and prosperous career in the dynamic industry that is sports law.

The programme has been specially created by FIFA in collaboration with the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES). It offers a practical, personalised learning approach, backed up by theory, research and practical sessions. Participants will come away with well-rounded knowledge of football law, equipping them to meet the various needs of today’s professional football structure, whether within an organisation or in private practice.

To learn more about the 2020-2021 edition of the FIFA Diploma in Football Law, download the official brochure.