Judicial Bodies

Judicial Bodies Overview

Pursuant to article 52 of the FIFA Statutes, the Disciplinary, Appeal and Ethics Committees are FIFA’s judicial bodies. These three judicial bodies are to be composed in such a way that the members have the knowledge, abilities and specialist experience that is necessary for the due completion of their tasks. The chairperson, deputy chairperson and members of these committees need to fulfil the independence criteria as defined by the FIFA Governance Regulations. They are elected by the FIFA Congress for terms lasting four years, and for a maximum of three terms.

The Players’ Status Committee (PSC) and the Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) are FIFA’s decision-making bodies that deal with various contractual and regulatory disputes between member associations, clubs, officials, players, intermediaries and licensed match agents. The PSC also sets up and monitors compliance with the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players and determines the status of players for various FIFA competitions. The DRC, meanwhile, provides arbitration and dispute resolution on the basis of equal representation of players and clubs with an independent chairperson.