FIFA Foundation

What is the FIFA Foundation?

The FIFA Foundation was established in 2018 as an independent entity with the goal of mobilising the positive power of football to improve lives.

Central to the FIFA Foundation’s activities are tackling social issues affecting young people, empowering women and girls to play football and realise their full potential, repairing damaged or destroyed sports infrastructure, supporting education through football and using some of the beautiful game’s most celebrated icons to reach out to millions of people globally with positive messages for a more inclusive world. 

Naturally, social responsibility is ingrained in the activities of the FIFA Foundation and it established the following programmes to support this:

In the post-COVID-19 world, the FIFA Foundation will harness the unique power of football to create a sense of reconnection in society, to promote and support mental health awareness, to empower and inspire people to use football for healthy minds and bodies and most importantly, to instil a sense of healing and unity through the beautiful game.

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What is the FIFA Foundation?

Learn more about the Foundation and its pillars

Community Programme

Provides grants to NGOs for the promotion and implementation of “football for good” programmes. The programmes are designed and operated by organisations around the world to support actions, by the community, for the community, through football activities

Recovery Programme

Supports communities hard hit by natural disasters or unforeseen events with solidarity and emergency funding, which can be used to repair sporting infrastructure that has been damaged or destroyed.

Football for Schools

FIFA Football for Schools is an ambitious programme that aims to contribute to the education, development and empowerment of millions of boys and girls around the world by incorporating football into physical education curricula at schools.

Foundation Campus

The Campus Programme strives to impact the lives of children and young people from underprivileged backgrounds in their time off school providing an enriching life experience on and off the football pitch, whilst supporting their good health and well being

Employee Volunteer Programme

The volunteer programme gives the opportunity to the FIFA staff to volunteer their time and expertise, to contribute to a good cause, virtually of physically on the field, supporting the NGOs from the FIFA Foundation network.