FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration

The FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration, 2nd edition provides a hands-on approach to all aspects related to proceedings before the CAS. FIFA has a long standing and extensive CAS practice, being the international federation with the most experience of dealing with such procedures. FIFA has been involved in thousands of cases before CAS covering the whole spectrum of legal disputes (disciplinary, anti-doping, contractual, etc.) The FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration offers a practical, personalised learning method, backed up by the theory and research that focuses primarily on proceedings and practical aspects before CAS as well as exploring arbitration in other sports bodies. The programme will run from February to April 2022 and will combine online and on-site sessions, with the opening module at the FIFA offices in Paris and the closing module at the FIFA HQ in Zurich. The admission process is open from 15 October until 15 December 2021. You can find further details about the 2022 edition of the FIFA Executive Programme in Sports Arbitration on or in the official brochure.

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ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - MARCH 22: FIFA Senior Legal Development Affairs Manager Maja Kuster Hoffmann during the 3rd FIFA Football Law Annual Review during the FIFA Football Law Annual Review from Home of FIFA on March 22, 2021 in Zurich, Switzerland. (Photo by Harold Cunningham/FIFA)
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In recent years, the development of regulations and legal decisions in various fields of FIFA’s activity have become very relevant issues for professionals in national associations, leagues, clubs and players’ unions as well as for coaches. At times,...
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