#ACTogether as one to combat Covid

  • New campaign promotes equal access to resources for tackling Covid-19

  • FIFA harnessing the power of football at the #FIFArabCup

  • Captains of participating teams actively supporting the initiative

The pandemic is still with us and the fight against Covid is one that involves us all. That is one of the core messages conveyed by #ACTogether, a campaign that FIFA has launched in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Qatari authorities at the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™.

The initiative is a call for unity and teamwork to ensure equal access to Covid-19 vaccines, tests, and treatments. It was with this goal in mind that the captains of the teams taking part in the tournament showed their firm support for the campaign on Matchdays 3 and 4 (on 3 and 4 December). In doing so, they encapsulated the vital need for everyone to put their differences aside and come together to level the playing field in the fight against the virus.

The campaign is yet another sign of the commitment of FIFA and its partners to fair play and equality – core values on the pitch – in protecting public health and promoting health measures that will help mitigate the effects of the pandemic around the world.