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Protecting and improving the health of all who play football, from grassroots to elite levels worldwide.

Our aim is to provide top-level medical services at FIFA tournaments, keep football free from doping, and protect and improve the health of all who play football, from grassroots to elite level worldwide. We are committed to preventing on-field injuries and promoting football as a healthy activity. We work together with our Member Associations, the FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence, and other external stakeholders.

Latest from Medical

Latest from Medical


George Chiampas, Chief Medical Officer US Soccer

FIFA Medical Network

Chiampas: We need to continue playing football in a responsible way

Manchester United Head of Sports Medicine and Science Steve McNally

FIFA Medical Network

McNally: We've had to be creative to keep our players ready

Andrew Massey, Director of FIFA’s Medical department.

FIFA Medical Network

Andrew Massey starts as new Director of FIFA’s Medical Department

Goalkeeper warm up programme

FIFA Medical Network

A goalkeeper's guide to warming up

Practical training 5

FIFA Medical Network

Football medicine education: first step for Eswatini


FIFA Medical Network

WADA publishes 2020 prohibited list

FIFA Medical Network

The FIFA Medical Network enables users to connect, interact and share knowledge or experience, enabling them to seek help with a difficult case, keep up with current trends or debate a contentious treatment.

Education & Awareness
The popularity of football helps provide us with a platform to raise awareness about football medicine topics. Research, education and awareness are key elements in injury prevention, one of our key goals.
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Sudden Cardiac Arrest

What is sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)?


Every year, FIFA conducts a number of medical courses and workshops at tournaments and with our member associations to fulfil FIFA’s commitment to improving the level of football medicine and ensuring the best level of care for all players everywhere...


Education & Awareness

Every year, FIFA conducts a number of medical courses and workshops, including on emergency medicine, at tournaments and with our member associations.

Centres of Excellence

FIFA accredits established centres that have demonstrated medical, educational and research expertise in the area of football.

Injury prevention: Goalkeeper warm-up programme

Football has become a more demanding sport in recent years, and the demands placed on goalkeepers are no exception. Nowadays, goalkeepers are expected to do more than just save shots: they are regularly called upon to “sweep up” outside their penalty...

Covid-19 Resource Centre

Recommendations and guidelines to address Covid-19 issues.