FIFA Fan Movement and adidas partner on NGO ball donations

  • COVID-19 pandemic saw FIFA tournaments postponed

  • Official footballs and mini balls designated for the tournaments, were left unused

  • FIFA Fan Movement members nominated NGOs who use football for social good, to receive ball donations

In 2020 the entire world went into a COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Many football tournaments, including FIFA’s, went on hiatus. This meant that 200 official footballs due to be used during matches, and 2,000 mini football for promotional purposes, remained unused. In 2021, FIFA, with sustainability in mind, was looking for a new home for the balls. Leading to the germination of an idea for a collaboration between the Fan Movement, FIFA and adidas.

FIFA offered Fan Movement members an exclusive opportunity to submit diverse grassroots and community football organisations to which they had a personal connection; projects that used football as a tool for good and which had a positive impact on their local communities. 34 submissions from around the world were received, showcasing the diversity of the Fan Movement community. Each project was unique and impactful. After a very thorough review of each submission, taking a set list of parameters into account, nine projects in eight countries around the world were selected to receive a donation.

“FIFA and Fan Movement did a great thing! Our hearts are filled with joy. This donation has enabled us to be active and makes us happy!”

From Guatemala to the Philippines, from Lebanon to Portugal, these projects all reflect the power of football to have a positively impact individuals' lives. The donations will have a short and long-term impact in the communities they have reached, with children and adults alike seeing the benefits. Many of the grassroots organisations use the sport as a tool for building life skills such as teamwork, communication, hard work, discipline and a healthy outlet of physical activity…with just a few of the examples, in our video.

Fan Movement is the bridge that connects FIFA to the people and places where football lives. It enables FIFA to go where football is: seeking input from them and shining a light on their communities. This collaboration is a wonderful reflection of the connection between FIFA and this worldwide community of fans.