France 2019 in 10 images

  • The FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 ended a year ago today

  • Countless wonderful moments were captured

  • Photographers showcase their favourite pictures and the stories behind them

It's said a picture is worth a thousand words, and in football that is especially true.

After all, in such a fast-moving sport, the human eye isn't always able to fully capture all the key moments. Fortunately, the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019™ in France, which ended one year ago today, there were numerous talented photographers on hand to capture the joy, sadness and passion of an unforgettable tournament.

Here, those photographers present some of their favourite pictures from France 2019 to and explain the stories behind them.

Ali Riley of New Zealand shouting and motivating her team (Naomi Baker)

"When taking images of the team huddles you get to hear the team’s passion and spirit. On this occasion Ali Riley of New Zealand was shouting and motivating her team, and this is one of my favourite images because the light was perfect. It highlights her in the centre of the huddle, commanding her team." - Naomi Baker (Getty Images)

Martin Sjogren, Head Coach of Norway, and his son

"If your dad is Martin Sjogren, head coach of Norway, it's going to be tough when your team loses against England in the quarter-finals. Noel only got his smile back after getting some extra love and hugs from his dad in the stands." - Alex Caparros (Getty Images)

Tameka Yallop (Hannah Peters)

"I saw Tameka Yallop take some water, although she was facing away at the time. I stayed on her hoping something might happen. Luckily for a split second she turned back towards me just as the water was running down her face. It was also a nice way to show the extreme heat we were all feeling at the time!" - Hannah Peters (Getty Images)

When you need a hug (Catherine Ivill)

"When you need a hug, you turn to your friends. Despite being rivals on the pitch during this match, the friendship these Olympique Lyonnais team-mates have is absolutely clear in this photo." - Catherine Ivill (Getty Images)

Girls and boys play football (Marianna Massey)

"Everyone needs someone to look up to. Girls and boys play football in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris." - Marianna Massey (Getty Images)

Megan Rapinoe and her Mom (Maddie Meyer)

"Here Megan Rapinoe celebrates with her mum after USA defeated France in the quarter-final. Getting to the World Cup involves years of work and sacrifice, and seeing athletes celebrate their accomplishments with the people who have been along for the entire journey is one of my favourite things." - Maddie Meyer (Getty Images)

Netherlands vs. Sweden (Elsa)

"When covering an elimination match, I look for ways to tell the story of the match. Some are happy, some are sad. This tells both of their stories in a single frame." - Elsa (Getty Images)

Thailand (Hannah Peters)

"Thailand had been well beaten by Sweden, however still were so happy and excited to be part of the World Cup. After thanking the crowd, they came to the side line and 'FaceTimed' someone on a phone. It was different and something you don't often see from a whole team." - Hannah Peters (Getty Images)

Jessica McDonald and her 7 year old son Jeremiah enjoy some extra time with confetti shower. I don’t think anyone can imagine how much an athlete probably sacrifices for being able to be mom and a professional player. And in the end wining the world cup as an mom. She said that one day her son will understand what his mom did. - Maja Hitij (Getty)

"Jessica McDonald and her seven-year-old son Jeremiah enjoy some extra time with confetti shower. I don’t think anyone can imagine how much an athlete sacrifices in order to be mum and a professional player and, ultimately, a world champion. She said that one day her son will understand what his mum did." - Maja Hitij (Getty Images)

Winning Team USA (Alex Grimm)

"These pictures of the winning team behind the winners’ board almost always look the same for everybody. We had made a plan in our team before the Final about who would have to shoot what during the post-match ceremony. My job was to roam around a bit, to add something different to our coverage, while others were assigned to do the classic shots from head-on. A different angle was not really possible because there were so many people standing around blocking the view from the side, so I decided to use a different technique and zoomed during the 1/30 second exposure time while I tried to get Megan Rapinoe into the centre of that effect. It took many, many tries, but one picture was just as I wanted it to be." - Alex Grimm (Getty Images)