Tuesday 26 May 2020, 07:04

#WorldCupAtHome: Millions flock to relive World Cup memories

  • Opening of FIFA video archive allowed fans to enjoy 35 premieres across nine weeks

  • 32 full games re-broadcast, three Official FIFA Films aired on YouTube for free

  • 750,000 votes cast on Twitter by fans to choose which matches were shown

During unprecedented times of global isolation, FIFA’s digital archive was opened up with the #WorldCupAtHome campaign, and fans from across the world joined together to watch in their millions. Nine weeks of full match re-broadcasts, documentary premieres and wider engagement on social media platforms saw millions of fans flock to FIFA’s platforms to relive some of their favourite footballing memories.

A total of 32 matches were re-broadcast in full and for free across nine weekends, from past editions of the FIFA World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup, FIFA U-17 World Cup and FIFA U-20 World Cup – along with the Official Films of the 2014 and 2018 World Cups and 2019 Women’s World Cup.

Every single match was for the fans, chosen by the fans, with over 750,000 votes cast on Twitter to determine the full line-up of matches. Across the nine weeks, there were more than 85 million video views on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Weibo, with over 3 million hours of video watched on YouTube alone by fans who were hungry for football during their respective periods of lockdown and isolation.

The #WorldCupAtHome was a truly global experience, with matches re-broadcast and supplementary content shown across a number of platforms – including a campaign specifically tailored for the Chinese audience on Weibo, which saw tens of millions of views across the #WorldCupAtHome campaign.

More numbers and figures

  • More than 45 million digital views of full matches

  • More than 44 million views of short form videos

  • Over 295,000 new subscribers on YouTube

All 32 full matches and three documentaries are available to watch for free and on demand on FIFATV on YouTube.

Stay tuned to FIFA’s digital platforms for more ways to connect and engage with fellow football fans in the coming months, as we continue to open up our extensive archive to celebrate your favourite football memories.