31 May 2018

Programme Highlights

How to get there

Driving Directions & Parking*

Location of the FIFA Fan Fest: Family Center Kazan. Obey traffic and law enforcement as you approach the FIFA Fan Fest. Traffic restrictions can be expected in the following streets from 25 May to 25 July:

  • Restrictions along ul. S. Khakima (ул.С.Хакима) between ul. Dekabristov (ул.Декабристов) and ul. Absalyamov (ул.Абсалямова) in both directions.

See below for directions to specific public parking lots. Follow the operating hours of the public parking lots. Shuttle busses will depart regularly from public parking lots to and from the FIFA Fan Fest. There are no restrictions for different types of vehicles.

1. Public Parkin Shopping Mall Tandem (Тандем)

  • Address: ul. Ibragimova, 56 (ул.Ибрагимова)

  • Parking lots are free of charge

  • Opening Hours: 10.00 to 22.00

2. Public Parking Space

  • Address: ul. Krasnoselskaya 51 (ул.Красносельская)

  • Parking lots are free of charge on Sundays

  • Opening Hours: 07.00 to 21.00

3. Public Parking Space

  • Address: ul. Krasnoselskaya 8 (ул.Красносельская)

Programme Schedule


Public Transportation (Shuttle, Bus, Metro)*

The nearest public transportation stations to the FIFA Fans Fest are listed below:

  • Bus stop: Molodyozhnyy tsentr (Молодежный центр)

  • Bus stop: Energeticheskiy University (Энергетический университет)

  • Metro station: Koz’ya Sloboda (Козья слобода)

Multiple transport options are available serving the FIFA Fan Fest. Locations serviced by regular bus routes:

  • No. 6 Rechnoy Port- Zhiloi massiv Severniy (Речной порт - жилой массив Северный)

  • No. 15 Комбинат "Kombinat Zdorov'e - Adoratskogo St (Здоровье" - ул. Адоратского)

  • No. 22 Mozhayskogo St- Zhiloi massiv Ferma-2 (Ул. Можайского - жилой массив Ферма-2)

  • No. 28 TSPKiO - Korolenko St “kol'tsevoy“ (ЦПКиО - ул.Короленко “кольцевой“)

  • No. 28a TSPKiO - Korolenko St “kol'tsevoy“ (ЦПКиО - ул.Короленко “кольцевой”)

  • No. 29 Stroitel'nyy Institut - ul. Gudovantseva (Строительный институт - ул. Гудованцева)

  • No. 35 St.metro pl.G.Tukaya - ul.Gavrilova (Ст.метро пл.Г.Тукая - ул.Гаврилова)

  • No. 35a Ploshchad' Tukaya - Gavrilov St. (Ст.метро пл.Г.Тукая - ул.Гаврилова)

  • No. 37 Zhiloy massiv Ferma-2 - zhiloy massiv Suhaya Reka (Жилой массив Ферма-2 - жилой массив Сухая Река)

  • No. 47 Batyrshina St. - Derevnya Universiady (Ул.Батыршина - Деревня Универсиады)

  • No. 74 Ul.F Amirhana - 10-y mikrorayon (Ул.Ф Амирхана - 10-й микрорайон)

  • No. 74a Ul.F Amirkhana - 10-y mikrorayon (Ул.Ф Амирхана - 10-й микрорайон)

  • No. 75 Kombinat Zdorov'e - Universam 2 (Комбинат "Здоровье" - Универсам 2)

  • No. 89 Ul.Ak.Sakharova – Gudovantseva St (Ул.Ак.Сахарова - ул.Гудованцева)

  • No. 98 Ul.Tolstogo - zhiloy massiv Levchenko (Ул.Толстого - жилой массив Левченко)

Locations serviced by regular trolleybus routes:

  • No. 1 Ul.Gor'kovskoye shosse – Roddom (Ул.Горьковское шоссе – Роддом)

  • No. 2 Stantsiya metro "Pl.G.Tukaya" - ul.Ak.Arbuzova (Станция метро "Пл.Г.Тукая" - ул.Ак.Арбузова)

Locations serviced by regular metro routes:

  • No. 1 Tsentral'naya liniya - The central line (Центральная линия)

Event Shuttles

Event shuttles are exclusively organised for the period of the FIFA World Cup™ to serve the FIFA Fan Fest.

Shuttle TS-1

  • Depart from metro station: Kozya Sloboda (Козья слобода)

Drop-off & Pick-up*

Drop-off is located along ul.Bondarenko (ул.Бондаренко) between ul. Chistopolskaya (ул.Чистопольская) and ul. Bondarenko (ул.Бондаренко)


Kazan’s public transportation system is designed to be accessible for passengers with disabilities.

Service Information*

Lost & Found

Lost something at the FIFA Fan Fest? Visit the Lost & Found at the FIFA Fan Fest located at the information centre. Lost items will be stored at the Lost & Found office for the entire period of the FIFA Fan Fest. Thereafter they will be transferred to the storage of the ANO "Directorate of Sports and Social Projects" (АНО Дирекция спортивных и социальных проектов) and stored for six months. Lost items are handed over upon presentation of an ID card or passport. Addresses and contacts will be presented at the information centre.

Hours of operation correspond with the opening hours of the FIFA Fan Fest.


Be prepared and keep your stuff protected. The usage of lockers is free of charge. Lockers can be used two hours before opening and one hour after closing time of the FIFA Fan Fest. Note that storage of food products is not allowed.

Child Registration

Do you want to be on the safe side? Get your child registered and receive a registration bracelet that identifies your child with the ability to enter the contact phone number of one of the parents. The child registration is located at the information centre. The service is free of charge. The hours of operation correspond with the opening hours of the FIFA Fan Fest.

Information Desk

An information desk is located opposite to the main entrance. Staff will provide you with useful information regarding the programme as well as information about infrastructure, transportation and other services provided at the FIFA Fan Fest.


There will be accessible viewing areas made available for people with limited mobility who may need to see above the crowed on the stage and screen. For any accessibility-related questions please email at p.ermolina@dspkazan.com.

*Information is subject to change

Prohibited items (see below)

Fan Fest Forbidden items

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