Great demand for World Cup tickets

Just 24 hours after resuming ticket sales for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, a total of 159,402 tickets (98 per cent of the currently available inventory) have been allocated to fans from around the world through, with only a few products still available in this sales period.

As a result of the very high demand, virtually the full inventory of tickets was allocated to fans, with only special-access tickets (SATs) left a few hours after the current ticket sales period opened. Details on the eligibility criteria for SATs are available here.

Some 51 per cent of the ticket applications have been placed by Russian fans, with international demand accounting for the remaining 49 per cent. Fans from Argentina, Mexico, the USA, Brazil, Colombia, China, Australia, Germany and India make up the rest of the top ten.

During the current sales period, which will conclude on 28 November, fans will be able to purchase the remaining tickets in real time on with immediate confirmation of successful applications, subject to availability.

Given the remarkable interest from all over the world, FIFA would like to remind all football fans that** **is the only official and legitimate website on which to buy 2018 FIFA World Cup™ tickets. Tickets obtained from any other source (for example, unauthorised intermediaries such as ticket brokers, internet auctions, internet ticket agents, internet or other unofficial ticket exchange platforms) will be automatically cancelled once identified and will not entitle the ticket holder to access the stadium or to any refund or other compensation.

Upon conclusion of the current phase, sales will resume on 5 December after the Final Draw as follows: random selection draw window from 5 December 2017 until 31 January 2018, and first-come, first-served from 13 March 2018 until 3 April 2018. Tickets purchased during sales phases 1 and 2 will be delivered free of charge to fans in the weeks leading up to the tournament, with deliveries planned to start in April/May 2018 (subject to change). Tickets may be purchased by Visa, the official payment services partner of FIFA, or by other accepted payment methods. To find out more about payment methods, please click here.

A total of 622,117 tickets had already been allocated on the conclusion of the first window of sales phase 1 on 12 October 2017.