New elite in-possession sessions available in FIFA Training Centre

  • New in-possession focussed elite sessions available in FIFA Training Centre

  • The FIFA Training Centre was launched in November

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Another new selection of training sessions is now available in the FIFA Training Centre's Practice area. The three additions all take the form of elite sessions and are based on aspects of relevance to the in-possession game state. In the first new session, Tottenham Hotspur Women's head coach, Rehanne Skinner, carries out a practice that focuses on building from the back. Skinner's four-part session provides innovative drills for those teams who wish to use their possession by systematically constructing play from defence to attack. Whereas Dean Santangelo's session from last month was a masterclass on how to train build-up play from the angle of the goalkeeper, Skinner's carefully selected drills address building up play from the team level.

New elite in-possession training options available in FIFA Training Centre's Practice

In our second new addition, current England U-18 assistant coach Michael Johnson has put together a practice session targeting the attacking principles needed to cut through stubborn defences encountered in the final third. The closer an attacking team moves to the opponent's goal, the fiercer the resistance it will face from the defending side. Johnson's session provides the content for teams to gain that extra edge when facing these challenging situations. For the third new session, Fulham FC's Head of Academy Coaching Ben Bartlett aims to perfect a specific game tactic used when encountering compact defences: switching the play. The lateral movement defences are forced to make when an attacking team moves the ball from one flank to the other creates valuable space for attackers to penetrate through. Switching play also entails more than merely one pass; it requires a team understanding and a complete approach. Ben Bartlett's seven-part addition cultivates the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed for teams to master this effective tactic.

Look out for more from The FIFA Training Centre, with a vast range of training sessions aimed at cultivating the essential skills and qualities that players require to thrive on the pitch. The content features sessions for all levels, from grassroots to elite, and all age groups, from young children to adults.