University Hospital of Liège, Belgium

15 Aug 2017

SPORTS2 is a multidisciplinary department for sports medicine, traumatology and rehabilitation including medical doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, chiropodists, conditioning specialists, and personal trainers in the University Hospital of Liège (Belgium) in association with the University of Liège to improve communication between sports physicians and to improve care for athletes. Each one has a personal experience in sports and has clinical experience with both high-level and amateur athletes. The protagonists also work at the University of Liège and most of them are implicated in research programmes (muscles, tendons, prevention, biomechanics, etc.).

The team provides our professional and leisure athletes with the specialised services necessary to return them to their pre-injury level of performance. International fellows (physical therapists and medical doctors) come to our centre to expand their clinical and research skills. Our physicians provide the latest treatment and rehabilitation techniques for musculoskeletal and neurological injuries and work together with a team of specialised sports physiotherapists and strength and conditioning specialists. They offer a number of treatments for musculoskeletal injuries including in particular isokinetics, shock-wave therapy… Our physical trainer provides a comprehensive training programme to optimise the rehabilitation and the return to play for our athletes whatever their level of performance. Our surgeons offer the lasted evidence-based surgical procedures for musculoskeletal injuries. Our specialised in musculoskeletal radiologists provide quick access to a number of imaging modalities including radiography, ultrasonography, CT-scan, scintigraphy, MRI. Our sports physiologist offers a comprehensive sports physiology service providing cardiopulmonary function and exercise tolerance testing.

In addition, as SPORTS2 is located in a general and University Hospital, a collaboration with any other departments (internal medicine, ENT, dermatology, etc.) is facilitated, especially with the emergency department. An emergency cares car of the university Hospital of Liège is in stand-by for all the home games of the Standard de Liège.

Finally, SPORTS2 is a continual collaboration between the University Hospital of Liège and the University of Liège, which have agreements with high-level sports structures (ADEPS, LBFR, LBFA, LFH, COIB). SPORTS2 has been an accredited FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence since 2016.

Facts The University Hospital of Liège was established in 1985 Accredited FMCE since 2016 More than 5,000 associates in the CHU de Liège: more than 750 doctors, more than 700 paramedics, nearly 2,000 nurses and 1,000 administrative staff More than 4,300 associates in the ULg from which 2,800 teachers and researchers. More than 20,000 students / year and 250 PhD / year Financial turnover EUR 470 million (CHU Liège) More than 80,000 hospitalised people and 800,000 consultations / year in the CHU de Liège

Dr. Jean-François Kaux Director/Head of FMCE Centre hospitalier universitaire de Liège, Avenue de l’Hôpital, B35, 4000 Liège, Belgium Tel.: +32 4 366 82 41 Mobile: +32 495 52 83 16