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New Zealand Footballers React To The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Host Announcement
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"Some people are like, 'Yeah, but all lives matter.' Of course all lives matter. But the black community is burning. So if my house is burning and your house is not burning, which house is the most important right now? Right. So help me put out the fire. And then we can both live in nice houses."
Kevin-Prince Boateng [The Players' Tribune]

"My mother took a job here with a cleaning company, mopping floors, wiping down computers [to help me realise my dream of becoming a professional footballer]."
Fernando Beltran []

"[Bruno] Fernandes told me that, as a kid, he had a poster of me. He said that when he played Football Manager he always signed me. I was like, 'You had me on a poster? And, seriously, you sign me for Football Manager?' I mean, how weird is that?"
Stephen Ireland [The Athletic]

"I’ll keep playing as long as my bones can carry me."
Andrew Hicks []

"Chelsea asked me for an assessment. I have known Timo [Werner] for a long time. I made a clear recommendation to do everything possible to get him. From the next season on he will have to deliver, otherwise I will get trouble from the club afterwards."
Antonio Rudiger [Sport Bild]

"It's been an unforgettable moment. Thanks to RCD Mallorca and the coaching staff for giving me this opportunity. I will never forget this day. It was a pity to lose but we continue to believe."
Luka Romero

"The opportunity to play in a home FIFA Women’s World Cup is something every footballer dreams of and I am looking forward to seeing those dreams come true. Playing for the Matildas in Australia will be the highlight of my career and an opportunity to inspire girls, both in Australia and New Zealand, and all over the world to play football."
Sam Kerr

"I just broke down when I heard. This will be a chance of a lifetime to connect with fans. We barely play any home games – because we are so far away from everywhere else – so this is so epic."
Ali Riley

"All of this anticipation was filling the room. The second [it was announced], I completely blacked out for a second. Honestly, it was just total joy."
Hannah Wilkinson

"I called my family ten seconds before the final whistle. We had a Facetime call. I told them I loved them, they told me they loved me. We cannot be together, that was not nice, but that’s how it is. Then I put the phone on the table and said, ‘Leave it on, because in four or five seconds something special will happen’. That was a really nice moment, which I enjoyed a lot."
Jurgen Klopp

"We’ve seen from Manchester City and Liverpool that there are two ways to win the championship, and Liverpool are just so, so good, they’re just relentless. You wouldn’t want to take them on in a fight. They’re like Mike Tyson. You’ve got Muhammad Ali who boxes his way through, and then you’ve got Mike Tyson who just punches his way, and that’s been Liverpool this season. City are wonderful to watch, but Liverpool are a machine."
Steve McMahon [talkSPORT]

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