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Marcus Rashford of Manchester United applauds fans
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"It obviously has a huge importance for me probably on a personal level because of what families are going through now, I once had to go through that same system and it's very difficult to find a way out. Now that I'm in this position that I am it's very important for me to help people that are struggling and that's the main reason why the letter was written. My mum was a single parent. She had five kids that were living in the same house. This is all going on at a time when kids should be concentrating on school work. Forty-five per cent of people like me, Black people, people in different ethnic minorities, they're living in poverty and I was very close to being one of that 45 per cent, so I understand that it could have gone either way for me. I'm grateful that it went this way for me, but it doesn't make me forget about what happened in my past and I obviously want to help those people as much as I can. You have to do something, especially as I'm a young Black person who was struggling in the system but managed to find a way out and help my family. Now that I've done that it's about helping the families that need you most."
Marcus Rashford

"What Marcus Rashford did, I could not respect more. It’s unbelievable. It’s a little bit of a shame that he had to do it, because things like this should be just natural. But there was something to do and he did the job in an incredible manner. What he did during lockdown was absolutely fantastic."
Jurgen Klopp

"We need to concentrate on making sure the openings are there. No-one wants anything for free but at the same time we need to make sure the playing field is level and there isn't a subconscious bias or an element of racism that's preferring people when other people are more than capable of doing the job."
Ryan Bertrand [Sky Sports]

"You need change because unless you get people of colour in positions of power who can say, 'That's not right', being there to speak and let their voices be heard, then how is it going to change? When you see Wes Morgan and Troy Deeney with the captains and everybody, they've been so vocal – Kevin de Bruyne, Jordan Henderson have been so vocal in their support towards these guys because they know it's right. It's as simple as that."
Ian Wright [BBC Radio 5 Live]

"For the players it will be different playing in a big game in a stadium where there’s no crowd because you can hear everybody talking. Again, we’ve got to adapt to that situation and try to keep the swearing down to a minimum. I’m more worried about my language when I’m playing! I don’t want to be having to apologise to everybody after every single game so I need to be careful, especially in the heat of the game. I’m sure the manager will have to be careful with his language as well! But he’ll also know we can’t blame the crowd for not being able to hear what he’s saying at certain times of the game."
Jordan Henderson [Liverpool FC Magazine]

"That was a frustrating element of the shutdown for me personally. Initially, I kept thinking, ‘Can we please keep going – I’m in really good shape just now!’ But once I got my head around it, I just re-focused on coming back in even better shape than I was before."
Pernille Harder []

"For me, someone like Jurgen should be rewarded now. It seems like in football we often wait until people get older before their achievements are fully recognised. But I know the owners of Liverpool won’t let that happen. When Jurgen delivers the league they should already be starting work on a statue of him."
Steven Gerrard [The Athletic]

"It will be something special and unique to tell my kids and grandkids I was able to give him [Cristiano Ronaldo] some assists. He's an example on and off the pitch. With Portugal, we train in the morning. In the afternoon everyone plays cards or PlayStation, but he goes to the gym. In the big moments, when you need him the most, he's always there."
Bernardo Silva [606 Savage Social podcast]

"What I live personally is the same as everyone lives. There is nothing different. All the people we lost are important to their families. That is why we have the families to be together, to be strong. For all the people who lost very important members of their families or real friends, it has been a difficult time."
Pep Guardiola [BBC Sport]

"I would sign Mbappe, he is the one who most reminds me of me and my playing times. For me, in the classification of the best in history, the four names would be Pele, Maradona, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – they are the top four in the history of football."

"My goal against Scotland is like the time my sister told me I was going to be an aunt – a moment that will stay with me all my life."
Milagros Menendez []

"For all the bad press [football] gets, it’s sometimes the glue that knits things together. The sooner everyone can get back to watching, playing and talking about it, the happier we’ll all be."
George Cummings []

"Football has an important role to play in educating people. Millions follow footballers, watch what they do, hear what they say."
Carlo Ancelotti [The Guardian]

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