New technical centre ready to allow more than 1000 kids to enjoy football in Honduras

  • New 7-a-side artificial turf pitch inaugurated at the Estadio Infantil FENAFUTH

  • U-8, U-10 and U-12 leagues will be able to regularly use the new facility

  • Complex dedicated to youth football allows players to play in ideal conditions

The horizon looks bright for the future of football in Tegucigalpa, the mountainous Honduran capital of 1.2 million inhabitants, where players are now able to enjoy training at a brand new youth football stadium, financed by the FIFA Forward Development Programme. The new facility will allow them to enjoy football in the best conditions, bringing more quality of play in a country where football is more than just a game.

Adjacent to the stadium of Birichiche in Tegucigalpa, the new facility will be managed by the National Autonomous Federation of Football in Honduras (FENAFUTH). The purpose behind the new infrastructure is to allow U-8, U-10 and U-12 leagues to play their championships on a regular basis at a sporting complex dedicated to youth football.

The FENAFUTH aims to organise championships, events and tournaments to promote grassroots and youth football in the country. More than 700 matches will be played in the Estadio Infantil FENAFUTH yearly and more than 1000 kids will profit from football and its benefits for their personal and sporting development.

The Estadio Infantil FENAFUTH includes seats for 164 spectators who will be able to enjoy football in the best conditions – including at night or when it rains. A roof and accessibility ramps are also part of this technical centre that will allow clubs, supporters and players to live the football experience at its fullest: dressing rooms, floodlights, medical room, administrative offices, public toilets and parking slots are all part of this Estadio Infantil.

Last week, the new 7-a-side artificial pitch funded with the support of the FIFA Forward Programme, was officially inaugurated in the Honduran capital in the presence of FIFA’s Jair Bertoni, MA Director for the Americas and Jose Rodriguez, Development Manager along with representatives of the FENAFUTH and the government.

The leading project promoters, who were attending the ceremony, were all delighted to witness the conclusion of many years of commitment emerging from the ground. The inauguration of the facility crystallises the strong commitment of FIFA and FENAFUTH to provide stadiums and quality pitches in the Central American country.

The new technical centre is also expected to bring more young players into the game, creating the perfect environment to identify the talents of tomorrow. Having not only a social purpose, the new installation is expected to bring more quality on the pitch by creating optimal and safer conditions for all players. This will undoubtedly boost children’s performances and guarantee ideal training settings, generating results and allowing the beneficiaries to keep enjoying their favourite sport.

Jorge Salomón Ochiena, FENAFUTH President

"It will be a great joy to watch more than 2000 children playing weekly on this pitch, enjoying the best sport in the world, running through this artificial grass smiling, enjoying and learning how to play. This facility is key, as it will allow us to organise courses and seminars for coaches and referees and that will be a fundamental help for their technical training.

"It is a very beautiful and operational facility in a city topographically difficult as is Tegucigalpa. Thanks to FIFA, its president Gianni Infantino, Jair Bertoni and José Rodríguez for this great collaboration with football in Honduras.

"The work in infrastructure continues with the remodelling of the building for national teams in Siguatepeque, accompanied by a FIFAQualityPro pitch, that we hope is finished by the month of January."

Jair Bertoni, Director of FIFA Member Associations Americas subdivision

"This beautiful scenario will offer better conditions to boys and girls at different ages, which is good for integral development in Honduras, to then reach the elite and maintain the practice and passion for football.

"FIFA has always enthusiastically trusted the Federation in the work carried out by President Salomón and his Secretary General José Mejía, we work with them a lot to improve and continue professionalising the structure of the Federation and Honduran football and we have full confidence in these good people, hardworking and passionate about football.

"Certainly, we do not have projects of this nature in the Americas, which is my geographical responsibility and neither in Central America, and it is true that this type of project is very functional and helps the kids a lot when they start kicking the ball."

José Ernesto Mejía, General Secretary FENAFUTH

"We are very happy to develop this project, to inaugurate it on this date, as it will benefit more than 2000 children who played in dirt fields and now they can play football on a suitable pitch.

"We thank FIFA Forward and FIFA for accompanying the vision of a the FENAFUTH that puts its effort to grow our football in an integral way with appropriate scenarios."

Jorge Jimenez, Director of Development, FENAFUTH

"This project fills us with pride for its quality, for the way it was conceived, for how it was finished and because it is a work that will mark the course of Tegucigalpa's kids and the future of Honduran football."

Fabian Coito, Technical Director, Honduras National Team

"While watching the inauguration I thought about how to congratulate all those people who made this project possible. These people believed in that dream of giving grassroots football the conditions to boost football. I also thought about everything that kids would win, not only because one day they might become professional footballers and fulfil the dream that every kid has but also for believing in sport as an educator for young people and teenagers that will shape their values and personality.

"I want to congratulate everyone who was responsible and all those kids who are going to enjoy a space to play on this beautiful pitch. Take advantage of it, enjoy and play as you dream. The true essence of this is to play until one day maybe you do it so well that make this sport your livelihood."