Given the predominance at CAS of football-related disputes in comparison to other sports, CAS and FIFA decided to set up a specialist list of 125 arbitrators. The arbitrators forming the ‘Football List’ are appointed by ICAS as per the proposals submitted by FIFA, the confederations, clubs and players (FIFPro).

The following list represents the arbitrators appointed by the ICAS upon FIFA’s proposal* for the period 2019-2022 as well as the cases in which FIFA has proactively nominated each one of them since 1 January 2018**

  1. Abreu, Gustavo, Argentina (9) (2018/A/6038, 2019/A/6229, 2019/A/6617, 2020/A/6923, 2020/A/7060, 2020/A/7388, 2020/A/7418, 2020/A/7605, 2021/A/8071)

  2. Bainbridge, Steven, Canada (0)

  3. Barak, Efraim, Israel (4) (2018/A/5659, 2018/A/6027, 2020/A/6767, 2020/A/6899&6930)

  4. Bernasconi, Michele, Switzerland (1) (2018/A/5634)

  5. Bossart, Gonzalo, Chile (0)

  6. Camps, Andreu, Spain (2) (2020/A/6713, 2021/A/7637&7656)

  7. Coccia, Massimo, Italy (10) (2018/A/5546&5571, 2018/A/5853, 2019/A/6344, 2019/A/6452, 2020/A/6795, 2020/A/7252, 2020/A/7592, 2021/A/8266, 2021/A/8501, 2022/A/8585&8586)

  8. Cravo Souza, Daniel, Brazil (1) (2022/A/8805)

  9. Fumagalli, Luigi, Italy (6) (2018/A/5537, 2018/A/5779, 2019/A/6665, 2020/A/7272&7277&7283&7318, 2021/A/7661, 2022/A/8600&8604)

  10. Haas, Ulrich, Switzerland (5) (2018/A/6007, 2019/A/6432, 2019/A/6463&6464, 2019/A/6690, 2020/A/6931&6944)

  11. Lafranchi, Patrick, Switzerland (10) (2018/A/5746, 2018/A/5927, 2019/A/6677, 2020/A/6921&7297, 2020/A/6941, 2020/A/7444, 2021/A/8120, 2021/A/8329, 2022/A/8668, 2022/A/8737)

  12. Larumbe, Kepa, Spain (5) (2019/A/6515, 2020/A/7003, 2020/A/7251, 2021/A/8444)

  13. Ongaro, Omar, Italy (0)

  14. Pintó, José Juan, Spain (13) (2018/A/5560&5650, 2018/A/5637, 2018/A/5683, 2018/A/5888, 2019/A/6382, 2020/A/6990-6994, 2020/A/7016, 2020/A/7192, 2020/A/7314, 2021/A/8256, 2021/A/8060, 2021/A/8061, 2021/A/8388, 2022/A/8701, 2022/A/8720)

  15. Ross, Stephen, USA (0)

  16. Stincardini, Ruggero, Italy (0)

  17. Setright, Jo, Australia (0)

  18. Pasquier, Benoit, Switzerland (3) (2020/A/7026, 2020/A/7371, 2020/A/7417)

* The list only includes arbitrators proposed by FIFA, not by the six confederations, clubs and FIFPRo.

** The list is updated on this page every four months.

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