Work to build new Home of Football in Egypt's capital kicks off

Football in Egypt is more than a passion, it runs through the veins of millions of fans who pack the stadium and cheer for the Pharaohs at every single match.

To keep this ardour alive, the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) works tirelessly to ensure that all children in Egypt continue to dream about football and follow in the footsteps of their idol Mohammed Salah. To help achieve this goal, the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) and FIFA have started to upgrade the Egyptian’s member association “El Hadaf” National Technical Centre. The aim is to provide the facility with a fresher look and turn it into one of the most advanced and innovative ones in the region, right at the heart of a strategic neighbourhood in Cairo with the CAF headquarters only a short distance away.

With this two-phase project aiming at providing an international standard accommodation facility and a new headquarters for the EFA, expected to increase the professionalisation of football in a territory of 97 million inhabitants.

During the first phase, the member association will ensure that FIFA Forward funds, which runs to USD 2,250,000 are allocated to the development and construction of an accommodation facility for its national teams with a total capacity of 288 beds.

In the second phase, which will start in the latter part of 2019, the EFA aims to construct its new headquarters. Currently, the facility has three football fields and a gym that will all be also available for use in the near future. EFA and FIFA hope that the new facilities will allow the member association to host more football academies and courses for players from the neighbouring communities, inspiring younger generation to emulate their idols.