FIFA Technical Study Group

For the last 51 years, starting with the 1966 FIFA World Cup England™, the FIFA Technical Study Group (TSG) has monitored matches at international tournaments and identified the latest footballing trends. Naturally, this will also be the case at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017.

The TSG comprises experts with extensive past experience at the highest level of international football, generally as national coaches or players. Their role is by no means confined to observing individual matches and training sessions at a tournament, as they also consult national coaches to discuss certain aspects of team preparation and training, for example, and to ascertain each team’s expectations of the tournament at hand. The information TSG members gather is then evaluated in a series of in-depth discussions involving a wide-ranging exchange of views. Later, this is summarised in the official tactical and technical analysis of the tournament.

In Russia, the TSG will also decide the winners of the adidas Golden, Silver and Bronze Ball and the Adidas Golden Glove.

FIFA Technical Study Group at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017:

Gabriel Calderón (Argentina) Rodrigo Kenton (Costa Rica) Wynton Rufer (New Zealand) Marco van Basten (Netherlands)