The Week in Quotes

"The narrative has to change. The narrative right now is always that white is good. So it doesn’t matter what Chris Hughton produces as a manager. There’s always someone saying a white guy can do it better. People need to do the right thing. Like Martin Luther King said, ‘Judge me by my competence – not my skin colour.’"

Michael Emenalo [The Guardian]

“I also got sick myself with COVID early in spring, but I managed to carry it without needing hospital care. That said, I was definitely afraid at first: about what was going to happen to me, and to the ones I love. But in such moments, the only thing on my mind is to fight. When you spend so many years playing football in teams, you really understand the strength of people surrounding you and what you can achieve together.”

Julia Blomstrom []

"[Marcelo] Bielsa is so special. For English football I think it is incredible he will be in the Premier League next season. Marcelo is top of the list."

Pep Guardiola

"Every time we [LAFC] need a score, whenever I put on my Talladega Nights helmet…we score."

Will Ferrell [ESPN]

"Everyone believed that Juventus came to celebrate today, but we are not their waiters and we played with great personality."

Seko Fofana [Udinese TV]

"The historic movement around social justice this year has made us ever-more conscious of the systemic injustices for communities of colour, and my co-founders and I are committed to building a [NWSL] team in Los Angeles that makes positive change to expand access to sports for kids across this city. We aim to be champions on the field, and champions for equity off the field."

Natalie Portman [The Athletic]

"I love [Mikel Arteta's] way of seeing the game and the things he likes about football. The míster is very intelligent for such a young coach. It's like he has spent a whole lifetime in football before this one."

Dani Ceballos [Sky Sports]

"What Salah has achieved so far makes us so proud of him. He’s reached the highest level and has become an icon for Egyptians. It is no exaggeration to say he’s considered a role model in the Arab World and Africa. He’s become the epitome of dreams, hard work and perseverance, and young people want to follow his path."

Hossam El Badry []

"To be honest, a lot of people didn’t want me to play. I had people telling me, ‘You’re a girl, you should be at home, don’t play.’ I had family members who didn’t want me to play. But I loved it. It was my passion. I was burning for football. If I went to the store to buy milk I would have a football at my feet.”

Nor Mustafa [The Guardian]

"It's been unbelievable and hopefully this is the beginning of continuous winning ways. They've done an unbelievable job and I'm so proud of them."

James Harden, the NBA superstar, on Houston Dash reaching the NWSL Challenge Cup final

[Arjen] Robben is a legend for this club and there is a lot of pressure with the number [No10 shirt] but I take it more with joy. I have my own targets and I want to achieve my own goals."

Leroy Sane [The Guardian]

"We've only achieved what we've achieved because every single member of our squad has been brilliant and not just in matches. Not just in producing the moments that make the headlines and the back pages but every day in training. The players who've started the most games for us this season have been as good as they have been because of our culture and our environment at Melwood. No one individual is responsible for that – it's a collective effort and that's how I view accepting this honour [FWA Player of the Year]."

Jordan Henderson

“When the time is right, I’d love to go back and get a role somewhere. At the moment we’re great in Holland. I’ve got a young family and have been out of coaching for a little while now. But I must admit, I have the urge to go on the pitch again and help, whether it’s with the technical or coaching staff. Of course it would be ideal at Arsenal – I spent 11 years there and have a good feeling with the club.”

Dennis Bergkamp [FourFourTwo]

"As I entered the field, my team-mates and coaches cheered me on from the bench. They shouted 'score a goal'. And a few seconds later, amazingly, I did just that. The adrenaline came rushing in and I had never felt so alive."

Alisha del Campo []