The Week in Quotes

"That day, the wall was the first thing I looked at when I walked on the pitch. And even now, it’s still the first thing I look to. From pitch level, you can’t even see where it ends. It’s just … yellow, as far as the eye can see. It’s the greatest sight in sport." Borussia Dortmund midfielder Nuri Sahinon the Westfalenstadion's Yellow Wall and the club's supporters, writing in The Players' Tribune

"I kept thinking it was a nightmare, hoping that I would wake up. We had beaten very important teams on the way. We had never conceded more than two goals, and they scored three in 45 minutes. It was 45 minutes when we were not ourselves, 45 minutes that destroyed everything. The pain of losing that final will be with me until I lift that trophy. I will be a lot calmer then." Juventus forward Paulo Dybalareflects on his club's defeat by Real Madrid in the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League final, in an interview with the New York Times

"People think that leaving Barça is to die, but it's the opposite. I'm more alive than ever. I play, I am very happy and football is the same. Only the country, the city and the team change, but football is the same." *Neymarspeaks after scoring a goal and providing an assist on his debut for Paris Saint-Germain in a 3-0 win over Guingamp*

England international Lucy Bronzethanks former club Manchester City Women after her transfer to Olympique Lyon

"I'm certain I can fit in at Barça and prove that all the effort they made to get me here was worth it. I know Barça have their own style and DNA but I think I can play here. I will play where I need to and see what opportunities I have. My intention is to help the team to win trophies. Barça are Barça and I don't think you can say no to them. To play here is to realise a dream." Brazil midfielder Paulinhospeaks at his official presentation at the Camp Nou upon joining Barcelona from Guangzhou Evergrande

"I was following Marseille and looking up to my compatriot playing there, Didier Drogba, and my team was Marseille. I would try to be a striker even though I wasn’t and once I started growing up and seeing professional football was a step closer I would look at Sergio Ramos. I always looked up to Ramos as an example and watched him a lot." Côte d'Ivoire and Manchester United defender Eric Baillyspeaks with the Guardian about the players he has looked up to throughout his career

"I think he has the capacity to win it because, for me, he is a very talented player, a very good player, a decisive player. He makes a difference on the pitch, but the only difference between him and, let's say, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, is that they score much more than him. So, I think that is the most important thing and it's the only difference between them, because for me Hazard is, let's say, is in world's top five." Belgium midfielder Radja Nainggolanspeaks with CNN about his team-mate Eden Hazard's qualities

"I think Milan is doing really well in the transfer market. They have bought very good players with good spirit. I hope and I wish that Milan will fight for the Scudetto this season and return to the Champions League. This is what I want for Milan. I love the club, I support the club. I want to see them winning and being in the place they deserve to be – at the top." Former AC Milan midfielder Kakatells Omnisport he is hopeful that the club can return to winning titles in Italy

"We’re not having our best time as a team or a club. We should be as close to each other as possible and paddle forward. The season’s very long and there’s room for improvement. Still, in the nine years I’ve been here, it’s the first time I feel inferior to Madrid." Barcelona defender Gerard Piqueadmits the club has some catching up to do in order to match rivals Real Madrid 

"That’s what I love, getting the tube, not getting any recognition, trying to be as normal as possible. Sometimes you get a big Arsenal fan and they tell you they have a season ticket or want to have a chat, which is fine. Some want a selfie, but sometimes I just want to say: ‘Let’s just shake hands. It means more than a picture.’ But not a lot of guys ever think that way!" Arsenal captain Per Mertesackertalks about life in London, in an interview with the Guardian

"I'd like to go across the pond. Why not? I haven't had any offers from clubs, but, yes, national teams have called, above all Greece, but it wasn't the time." Club America coach Miguel Herreratells Fox Deportes about his interest in coaching in Europe

"We will try altogether in the Premier League to close that gap against the Spanish teams and be closer in the future.  But 25 years…there’s been a lot of times from United and Chelsea, but of course the Aguero moment is the most significant moment from the Premier League in the last 25 years." Manchester City manager Pep Guardiolatalks about the most memorable moment in the English Premier League's 25-year history

"I am sure that he will play a big role in German football. In my opinion he will be a leader. He brings characteristics that are very special in the offence as well as in the defence. The way he presents himself and what he says – and he does that with no aggression at all – Joshua has that in his nature. That is just beautiful. The performances, him being humble and simple and his charisma, I really like that." Former Germany international Matthias Sammertells Eurosport that defender Joshua Kimmich can be a leader for Bayern Munich and Germany

Actor and Huddersfield Town supporter Patrick Stewartshares his excitement in the club's first match in the top flight