The Week in Quotes

"We are at a place now where we know the way each other thinks, the runs we make, the positions we will be in. We can still get better though, our communication and understanding of each other is improving all the time. We are not playing for ourselves, nobody is looking for personal glory. It is always nice to score goals, but if I score, if Luis scores, if Leo scores, it doesn't matter - we are as happy creating goals for each other as scoring them. Our understanding on the field is helped by our relationship off it. We are all good friends, and I think that shows in the way we play. It is very early in the season, we can get better, and help make it a very successful season for Barcelona."

*Neymaron the synergy between himself, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez at Barcelona, reports

"First of all, he’s 18, he’s still young. He has a lot of time. I think the way you have to approach a player like that, where everyone is talking about the talent and what he’s able to do and what kind of potential he has, is to remember he still has a lot of time. It’s not like he needs to take over the world today, the club knows that, the coach knows that and the team knows that. We know his quality and what he’s able to do. What the world is seeing now, we already know because we see it every day. There is no need to rush to push him and put him in the heat zone and put a lot of pressure on him because that can have the opposite effect. Time by time, he will take over everything. It’s about having patience. I’ll help him every day, him and all the others, in any way I can. I’m happy it gives an effect but, even if I was not here, they would still do good.”

*Zlatan Ibrahimovic says exciting prospect Marcus Rashford’s time will come when speaking to the club’s official website

"Lifting the Champions League isn't just my dream. Everyone at Juventus wants it and we'll try to make it come true. What we've done in the Champions League so far hasn't been enough. We need to remain ambitious. I'm sure Vialli would be delighted to see Juventus win the Champions League for the first time since he lifted the trophy. This confidence in our ability comes from the continual improvement we've made year on year. We'll tackle this year's Champions League safe in the knowledge that we're a competitive side. We've improved year on year."

*Gianluigi Buffon tells a press conference about Juventus’ UEFA Champions League dream*

  • Tottenham Hotspur defender Kyle Walkerserenades us with a rendition of the UEFA Champions League anthem *

"The first week afterwards was very tough. It will haunt me for the rest of my career. I thought of the joy of my team-mates, had I scored that goal in the 92nd minute. It was very difficult. Footballers or former players can understand it."* France’s Andre-Pierre Gignac tells Telefoot he is still ‘haunted’ by his UEFA EURO 2016 final miss

"First of all, when you speak about Luis Suarez, you have to speak about the man. Luis Suarez is one of the most beautiful men you could come across. He's a very humble guy who works tirelessly at his profession. He is a super-professional, a family man who gives everything for his life as a footballer and his family. I had the pleasure of working with him for two years and he was incredible and as a footballer, he is the best in the world. The biggest compliment you can give Luis is that he came to an already world-class team and he made them even better." Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers tells the media that he believes Barcelona’s Luis Suarez is the best in the world

“When Cristiano Ronaldo came to United, he was the one who everyone looked up to. The thing that impressed me the most was the fact he was only young when he came into the side and he wanted to be the best player in the side. He worked hard every single day, you saw him in the gym every single day and the results came on the pitch. He openly wanted to be the best player in the world. You have to have an approach like that -- all the best players in the world do. It's not arrogance or anything like that, it's the mindset you need to achieve things."

  • Marcus Rashfordtells Inside United he was inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo

Sporting CP president Bruno de Carvalho tells Marca he wants Cristiano Ronaldo to end his career “at home” in Lisbon

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on player and neighbour Adam Lallana when speaking at a press conference

  • Jose Mourinho reveals to it was difficult to convince record-signing Paul Pogba to join Manchester United

"He said he’s a challenging coach - doesn’t look like he messes about. I wouldn’t like to mess with him. Two coaches in Manchester. Mourinho reckons he’s the special one, to me this guy is."

Former Manchester United star Roy Keane on managers Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho when speaking on ITV *

“I am optimistic about the national team right now. Tite is an experienced guy who has had a fine career and he and the coaching staff have done well to instantly cool the atmosphere in the squad. There has not been a good atmosphere around the Selecao recently and the team have faced a lot of uncertainty in the two years since the World Cup. Tite was the unanimous choice as coach, he is experienced and has a good working relationship with the press, which also helps. He has created a more relaxed atmosphere and that showed in the players’ performances."

1994 FIFA World Cup winner Raion Brazil manager Tite, in conversation with *

"On the pitch, I like him to be near me, especially when the game takes a turn for the worse, when things are difficult. That's when I say to him: 'Come closer, I want you by my side.' He takes control and responsibility; he leads the team. In the finals, Andrés, Xavi, Busquets and I have always liked to come together to give us a numerical advantage, to control the ball and the game." Lionel Messi on Andres Iniesta in an extract from the new book The Artist: Being Iniesta

"Anyone who has seen me play, or even seen a picture of me play (yes, the “game face”) can see my passion for soccer. What can I say? I wear my heart on my sleeve. Because that sleeve of that jersey, on this team for this country, is sacred to me." *Heather O'Reilly writing in The Players' Tribune about her retirement from the USA women's national team*