MAY 2018

CHILD’S PLAY For our special edition on children and football we spoke to seven-year old Farah from Syria. She’s an enthusiastic football player and lives in the refugee camp of Za’atari in Jordan. – At FC Blue Stars Zurich girls and boys meet on the pitch and learn to respect each other. We attended a match between the girls of FC Blue Stars and a boys’ team. – How children play an important role at professional matches. – The stars as children: a glimpse in the photo album of world football. – And: what does the FIFA President actually do? Gianni Infantino answers questions asked by children from around the world. PLUS ... Games for children and photo quiz

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE “When assessing the preparations for Russia 2018, I cannot afford to take into account anything but facts: concrete figures, tangible information. And on that front, I assure you, all I have seen so far are reasons to expect an unforgettable tournament kicking off next month,” says Gianni Infantino in his column.

FIFA MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS Five pages packed with FIFA member association news.

PLUS... ... our popular picture formats “the month in pictures”, “photo archive” and “then and now”. As well as a football cartoon by Mordillo.

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