MAR 2016

INTERVIEW WITH THE PRESIDENT “As leaders of the game, we need to become a little bit more like fans and less like politicians,” says new FIFA President Gianni Infantino in this month’s interview.

EXTRAORDINARY CONGRESS An overview of the FIFA reforms as well as a behind-the-scenes report on the new president’s first day at work.

WOMEN’S FOOTBALL The second FIFA Women’s Football and Leadership Conference at the Home of FIFA on 7 March sends out an important message on gender equality.

DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Latvia, Italy and France: more transparency, professionalism and independence thanks to the FIFA PERFORMANCE Programme.

HEALTH Identifying injuries, treating them correctly and preventing them where possible: the goals of the new FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine.

THE INTERVIEW An interview with Swiss coach Marcel Koller, who has brought Austria back to winning ways.

FIFA WORLD FOOTBALL MUSEUM The new museum in the centre of Zurich has opened its doors – and is making quite an impression.

ECUADOR The national team from the Andean country is writing history in South American football.

HISTORY No player has ever scored as many goals at a single World Cup as Frenchman Just Fontaine.

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