How to qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 2019

  • Register online, become FUT Champions verified, earn EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series Points and climb the leaderboard

  • Top 16 on each platform’s leaderboard (Xbox and PlayStation) will qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019

  • An overview of how to join the FIFA 19 Global Series and how to qualify for the Grand Final 2019

How to compete

Eligible players interested in EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series* should take the following steps:

  1. Register on by Oct 31, 2018.

  2. Play in Weekend League and achieve at least 27 Wins to become FUT Champions Verified.

  3. FUT Champions Verified competitors may be invited to and play in Online qualification competitions, competing head-to-head against other top eligible players to earn a spot at a live event.

  4. Earn EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series Points through live events and the Weekend League to get placed on the leaderboard.

  5. Qualify for the Playoffs by finishing in the Top 60 on the Points leaderboard at the end of the year. Following the Playoffs, which will award Points (not direct seat qualifications), the top 16 players on each PlayStation and Xbox's leaderboard, will qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final.

Find the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings here.


Registration begins on October 5, 2018 and ends on October 31, 2018 — all eligible players interested in becoming a competitor in the upcoming year must register during this period. Please note that players who do not complete their registration by October 31, 2018 will be ineligible to compete in any FUT Champions Cups or Licensed Qualifying Events during FIFA 19 Global Series. The process of qualification starts with FUT Champions. Players no longer qualify directly to live events via the Weekend League, but the journey to the top still begins there.

Become FUT Champions verified

Eligible players prove that they are good enough to compete in FIFA 19 competitive gaming by racking up wins in the FUT Champions Weekend League. Registered players can become FUT Champions Verified by winning 27 games in a single Weekend League. Once a player achieves Verified status, they don’t have to worry about winning a specific amount of games in the Weekend League again for the rest of the season.

Head-to-head qualifying competitions

Once a competitor is FUT Champions Verified, they may be invited to subsequent Online Qualification Tournaments for FUT Champions Cups and Licensed Qualifying Events throughout the season. Every Live Event will have a cutoff date by which you must be FUT Champions Verified in order to compete. Each live event will have multiple Online Qualification Tournaments for different regions, creating regular global qualification opportunities. These tournaments will utilize a combination of Swiss and Single Elimination formats to determine live event qualification. This means that only organized head-to-head tournaments among the top FUT Champions players in the world will determine qualification for live events, rather than skill points on a leaderboard. To be the best, you will have to beat the best. Online Qualification Tournaments will often take place during a single weekend, with schedules and the allocation of seats per region for each live event published in advance. Live events will have between 16 and 32 players per PlayStation and Xbox, and there will be more than 10 total events from which players can qualify through Online Qualification Tournaments. More details on live events will be shared soon.

Earn Points

In order to qualify for the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs, FUT Champions Verified Players will be able to earn EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series Points by competing in live events or playing in the Weekend League. Live events will provide the most Points, while a smaller (but not insignificant) number can be earned by achieving 20 to 27+ wins in Weekend Leagues from November through April. We know that FUT Champions is an exciting and important part of the competitive ecosystem and we want to reward players for continuing to compete, even if it's not mandatory. Don't forget that players must be both registered and FUT Champions Verified to be eligible to earn EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series Points.

Climb the leaderboard

Throughout the year, players will be ranked (per PlayStation and Xbox) based on the number of Points they've earned in comparison with the competition. Near the end of the season, the top eligible 60 players on each PlayStation and Xbox leaderboard will be invited to the FIFA 19 Global Series Playoffs. Following the Playoffs, which will award Points (not direct seat qualifications), the top 16 players on each PlayStation and Xbox's leaderboard, will qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup, where the FIFA 19 World Champion will be crowned. The Playoffs will be the last chance to earn Points in the competitive year.

More details including events, dates, and qualification timelines will be revealed on October 5th.

PlayoffsFUT Champions Cups and FIFA MajorsLicensed Qualifying Events and Official League PartnersFUT Champions (Wins/weekend)Other Official League Qualifiers and PlayStation 4 Country TournamentsPoints
3rd - 4th720
3rd - 4th625
5th - 8th540
5th - 8th2nd450
9th - 16th350
3rd - 4th315
17th - 32nd9th - 16th275
33rd - 64th1st200
17th - 32nd5th - 8th150
9th - 16th2nd110
33rd+17th - 32nd3rd - 4th80
33rd+5th - 8th40
9th - 16th20
27+ Wins17th +10
26 Wins9
25 Wins8
24 Wins7
23 Wins6
22 Wins5
21 Wins4
20 Wins3

*Eligibility and restrictions apply. Official Rules can be found on when available.