Group C at a glance

Facts and figures

1 – The current top PlayStation player in the FIFA 19 Global Series rankings and reigning FIFA eClub World Cup™ champion with KiNG eSports, 'Nicolas99fc', will be part of the Argentinian national team

2 – The only two representatives from South America both find themselves in Group C

3 – Three participants from Group C have already qualified for the FIFA eWorld Cup™ twice in the past: 'MegaBit', 'MoAuba' and 'BorasLegend'

4 – No fewer than four players from Group C have taken part in a version of the FIFA eClub World Cup: 'Ebinhob’, 'MegaBit', 'BorasLegend' and 'nicolas99fc’

5 – The number of German players in the current top 10 of the FIFA 19 Global Series rankings across both platforms – no other country is as well represented

Teams at a glance:

Brazil – 'Ebinhob' and 'Tore'

  • 'Ebinhob' was also at the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019

  • Both finished ahead of tough competition at the National Championship

  • Both in the top 40 of the FIFA 19 Global Series rankings

The Brazilian national association decided to let the best eFootball players in the country battle it out for the two places at the FIFA eNations Cup via a National Championship. One of those went to 'Ebinhob', a player with FIFA eClub World Cup experience who teamed up with 'Fifilza' to represent Wolverhampton Wanderers at the tournament in February. At the FIFA eNations Cup, he will play alongside 'Tore', who was moved up due to an EA SPORTS disciplinary measure against 'Pauloneto999'.*

'Tore' plays for Ajax and has been putting in consistent performances throughout the season, placing him in the top 15 of the current FIFA 19 Global Series rankings. The two of them will form a pairing that has previous tournament experience and who are used to playing as a part of a team on the club scene, which should prove to be a real advantage in the 2v2 matches.

*To be eligible to participate in the FIFA 19 Global Series, Competitors must be at least 16 years old as of October 31, 2018. The registration data provided by 'Pauloneto999' for this season included an inaccurate Date of Birth. Therefore, he not be allowed to continue competition in future FIFA Global Series events this year.

Germany – 'MegaBit' and 'MoAuba'

  • Two Grand Final participations each

  • 2016 Grand Finalist Benedikt Salzer to coach the team

  • Both players in the top 10 of the FIFA 19 Global Series rankings

For a number of years now, Germany has been one of the strongest eFootball nations, giving them an embarrassment of riches when it came to naming their national team. The two who were chosen are 'MegaBit' and 'MoAuba', team-mates who helped steer Werder Bremen to the VBL Club championship and who are more than at home at 2v2 therefore. Throughout the season however, they have also shown their individual prowess, with both of them currently in the top 10 of their respective platforms in the FIFA 19 Global Series rankings.

They have each qualified for two Grand Finals in the past, and to top it off they will have the services of 'Salz0R' as their coach – a German eFootball legend who has been to a Grand Final himself in the past. The wider German eFootball family has plenty of other top players in its ranks, with quantity as well as quality that they can count of ahead of the tournament in April. German players have tended to fall just short at FIFA majors in the past, but if anyone can change that, then this duo certainly can.

Sweden – 'BorasLegend' and 'Zimme'

  • Zimme in the top 60 of the FIFA 19 Global Series rankings

  • 'BorasLegend' a two-time Grand Finalist

  • Both play a 4-2-3-1 formation

'Zimme' has long been one of the most consistent players on the eFootball scene and currently finds himself in the top 60 of the FIFA 19 Global Series rankings. Alongside him will be Ivan 'BorasLegend' Lapanje, a two-time Grand Finalist, meaning that Sweden has two experienced players and ones that have got to know one another better since the team was formed last year. They also both prefer to play a 4-2-3-1 formation, which will be another plus for them when it comes to 2v2 matches. They find themselves in a tough group, but they could well emerge as the surprise package.

Argentina - 'Yago’ and 'nicolas99fc'

  • Both players are in the top 30 of the rankings

  • 'nicolas99fc' is No1 on PlayStation

  • He is also a current FIFA eClub World Cup champion

Both players lived up to their status as favourites and secured their spots in the Argentina team via the National Championship. 'Nicolas99fc' is currently the top PlayStation player in the rankings, while 'Yago' is also in the top 30. The former already established himself last season as one of the game’s most successful players, qualifying for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, while the latter has been one of this season’s emerging talents, causing an upset or two against fancied opponents at a number of events.

'Nicolas99fc' has taken home the silverware at various FIFA 19 Global Series tournaments, including the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019 with KiNG eSports. The Iceman, as he is known, sits alongside 'F2Tekkz' and 'MSDOSSARY7' as one of the most dominant players on the eFootball scene, particularly on his preferred console where he appears in a class of his own.

Norway - 'Astenpool45' and 'Rasmussen'

  • FUT champions Cup experience

  • Three coaches for the national team

  • Two representatives chosen from a six-man squad

The FIFA eNations Cup will be the second major tournament in a row for 'Astenpool45', who has already qualified for the FUT Champions Cup in April. The Norwegian is hitting form just at the right time this season, and he and current Norwegian FA Cup champion 'Rasmussen' are aiming to reach at least the quarter-finals of the FIFA eNations Cup. It will come as little surprise to hear that their Scandinavian neighbours from Sweden will be their main rivals in the group. In their first game against another nation last December, the newly-formed Norwegian national team saw off their French counterparts before going onto to finish second at the Nordic Invitational in Finland. The team can call on a squad of six players and has two coaches and a mental preparation trainer at its disposal to ensure the best possible performances.