'FUTWIZTom': eFootball is on the rise

  • 'FUTWIZTom' represented England at the FIFA eNations Cup

  • Reflects on the dramatic growth of eFootball

  • Looks ahead to what the future could hold for the sport

Like at the FIFA eClub World Cup, the eNations Cup saw enticing encounters played out in a 2v2 format as well as traditional 1v1 affairs.

eFootballers teaming up together to represent their country added an interesting dynamic and produced a host of classic match-ups with plenty of drama, tension, excitement and goals.

It’s something that England’s ‘FUTWIZTom’ would like to see more of in competitive EA SPORTS FIFA.

"I think a lot of players enjoy the 2v2 format," the Englishman told FIFA.com. "It’s easier to get behind a team rather than an individual, especially when countries are involved - you can support the country rather than just one player."

Part of England’s side at the FIFA eNations Cup along with Xbox No1 ‘F2Tekkz’, ‘FUTWIZTom’ had the honour of representing his country at the inaugural tournament where the eLions reached the knockout stage.

Thomas Leese of England (L) poses with Donovan Hunt of England during the FIFA eNations Cup 2019

The competition marked a significant milestone in eFootball with players representing their country in an official capacity for the first time and where they received the full backing of their Member Association.

It was yet another display of how much competitive EA SPORTS FIFA has grown in recent years.

"I remember at my first event we were playing on TVs instead of monitors, little things like that," said 'FUTWIZTom', currently ranked 47th in the world. "Now with live commentary and the understanding of how eSports works, the dramatic moments seem to be going up and up. It becomes better for everyone.

"Mainstream media have also got involved and they really seem to be taking it on board as well. It’s become a lot more professional and it’s on the way up."

Leading football clubs recruiting eFootballers and major broadcasters showing games on television are just a couple of examples of how much competitive eFootball has developed professionally in the last number of years.

It is evident, therefore, that the possibilities and opportunities for players are increasing.

"It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but a lot of people really enjoy it," he said. "I’m excited for the future of eFootball, it’s the reason why I’m so invested in it. I know how far it’s come and how much potential it’s got. It’s just rising."

With that dramatic recent growth of eFootball, where would 'FUTWIZTom' like to see the sport in five years time?

"For me, I hope it goes for a team format, like with the eNations Cup," he said. "The 2v2 format is really enjoyable so I’m hoping for more team-based stuff in the future."