Five teams to watch at the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019

  • Spotlight on five teams from a top-class line-up

  • Former champions, Grand Finalists and FIFA 19 Global Series Ranking leaders feature

  • Five teams and the players to keep an eye on

The official FIFA eClub World Cup 2019 is a tournament where every team has a chance of winning, and while some participants wilt under the extreme pressure, others thrive on it to produce their best performances. Given the sheer number of top-quality players taking part, it is difficult to determine who the title favourites are, although a few teams stand out nevertheless. Allow us to introduce them:

AFC Ajax

The Dutch side, who we took a closer look at on at the beginning of the year, currently have four players under contract. The two that will represent them at the FIFA eClub World already have quite the successful back catalogue:

Joey Calabro's triumphs include winning the FIWC Regional Final in 2017, as well as reaching that year's Grand Final. Last year at the FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs he only narrowly missed out on qualifying for the FIFA eWorld Cup. He has been in impressive form this season too and finished in the top 16 at the FUT Champions Cup in December 2018.

Dani Hagebeuk is a two-time eDivisie champion (2017 and 2018) and qualified for the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final in both of those years. He has followed that up this season with two top-four finishes at the FUT Champion Cups in December and January.

Ajax took part in the inaugural FIFA eClub World Cup competition in 2017 and are eager to take the title home with them this time.

Team Vitality

This team is home to two of the most consistent French players in recent years. 'MaestroSquad' won the eCopa France, among others, and was runner-up in the Orange E-ligue 1, which his team-mate has already won.

'Rafsou' was outstanding at the maiden FIFA eClub World Cup tournament in 2017, when he secured second place for Olympique Lyonnais. Both players already have experience of playing in the Grand Final, giving them the necessary tournament know-how to succeed at the FIFA eClub World Cup.

Brondby IF

The Danish outfit are the only side to have won the FIFA eClub World Cup to date – a trend they are naturally enough eager to continue. "That's now two in row," said Spencer Owen after their triumph last year. "Maybe it'll get to three, who knows? Somebody's got to stop them."

In Frederik Fredberg, Brondby have held on to one of the two players who brought the title home last year. Alongside his team-mate 'Dingo', he won the eSuperliga 2018 for the club, a clear demonstration that the duo can work well together on the big stage.

It will be intriguing to see if Brondy can maintain their grip on the tournament and win it for a third straight year. Click here for more information on the club.

KiNG eSports

Arguably the most impressive team in this year's FIFA eClub World Cup, the two top-ranked players in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings join forces at the tournament, having already dominated in online qualification.

Following his sensational triumph at the FUT Champions Cup last season in Barcelona, England's 'Tekkz' has followed it up this term by winning the PGL FIFA 19 Cup and his second FUT Champions Cup, putting him at the summit of the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings by a considerable margin. His Argentinian team-mate 'nicolas99fc' is also one of the best players in the Global Series 2019 and won the Gfinity FIFA Series January to seal top spot in the FIFA 19 Global Series PlayStation Rankings.

As individuals, their talent is undeniable, but how well can they play together, especially in a two-versus-two match?

NoFuchsGiven eSports

Mohamad Al-Bacha and Sean Allen went head-to-head in one of the most exciting Final Showdowns ever in 2016, when the Dane pulled off an incredible comeback to win the title in New York.

Former rivals, the two players became team-mates at the end of 2018 and impressed for Christian Fuchs' team in online qualifying. The former Austria international's side have their sights set on winning their first major title at the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019. Their tournament experience in particular could count in their favour, while the Danish-English combination could surprise more than a few people.