Five teams in focus ahead of the FIFA eNations Cup

Saudi Arabia at the FIFA eNations Cup

A high-quality entry field with a total of ten top-10 players from each of the two consoles of the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings means we can look forward to an exciting tournament with a lot of close matches. The winners of the inaugural FIFA eNations Cup™ will write a new chapter in eFootballing history by capturing the first ever country-specific title for the nation that they are representing.

Here are five of the countries that stand out from the crowd on a packed entry list.

England – 'F2Tekkz' and 'FUTWIZTom'

'F2Tekkz' is arguably the best player of the current season, and he will be representing England in Group A alongside 'FUTWIZTom'. They will face Finland, South Africa, France and Saudi Arabia, with the last of those matches promising to be a thriller, after 'MSDOSSARY7' won the battle for Xbox supremacy at the recent FUT Champions Cup April.

'FUTWIZTom' won the PlayStation version of the National Championship despite stiff competition, and held onto the coat-tails of his prodigious eLions team-mate to upset a few higher-ranked players at the FIFA eNations Cup. This is a tough group, but England will be looking to make it through to the knockout stage at the very least.

Saudi Arabia – 'MSDOSSARY7' and 'The Royal'

One of the teams looking to keep the eLions out of the knockout stage will be Saudi Arabia. The rivalry between the reigning FIFA eWorld Cup Champion and three-time FUT Champions Cup winner 'MSDOSSARY7', and four-time FUT Champions Cup winner 'Tekkz' will be the high-point of the clash between the two countries.

The balance may be swung in Saudi Arabia’s favour by the experience of 'The Royal’, who like his team-mate has already made it through to a Grand Final and has two FIFA eClub World Cup™ appearances to his name, one alongside 'MSDOSSARY7'. The two know how to play together and are among the red-hot favourites for the tournament.

Argentina – 'Nicolas99fc' and 'Yago'

'Nicolas99fc' currently sits proudly atop the PlayStation side of the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings and is the star of the Argentinian team, while 'Yago' has also put in plenty of strong performances so far this season. The two of them made it through their National Championship against the best players in the country and are also the leading Argentinian players in the Rankings.

As reigning FIFA eClub World Champion with KiNG eSports, 'Nicolas99fc' is also adept at the 2v2 format, which could be a crucial factor when it comes to any decisive third games. Group C is full of big names and this should provide some exciting clashes.

Germany – 'Megabit' and 'MoAuba'

This team comprises two players who have each appeared twice at the FIFA eWorld Cup, and who paired up to help secure the VBL Club Championship for Werder Bremen. They are used to operating as a duo and at home alongside one another in 2v2 games. They were selected from the German eFootball national squad, and even have a former Grand Finalist as their coach in the form of Benedikt Salzer. The two currently sit in the Top 10 of the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings and are the firmest of favourites for the title, despite finding themselves in such a tough group.

France – 'Maestro' and 'DaXe'

The French are rounding into form this season at just the right time as the FIFA eNations Cup 2019 approaches. Both players made it through to the knock-out stage at the FUT Champions Cup, with 'Maestro' going on to finish as the top PlayStation player at the tournament before having to give best to 'MSDOSSARY7' in the Grand Final.

This weekend, he will have a chance to get his own back in the group phase, since France has been drawn in Group A alongside Saudi Arabia. 'Maestro' took part in the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 and the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019, and his experience could prove to be a real boon to the Equipe de France eFoot in what is a very strong Group A. Follow the event live on 13 and 14 April on the following channels: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Twitch