Composition of the normalisation committee for the Haitian Football Association confirmed

In accordance with the decision adopted by the Bureau of the FIFA Council on 11 December 2020 to appoint a normalisation committee for the Haitian Football Association (FHF), the composition, tasks and mandate of the committee have now been confirmed.

The four members of the FHF normalisation committee are:

  • Michaëlle Jean (President)

  • Monique André (Vice-President)

  • Jacques Letang (Member)

  • Yvon Severe (Member)

The four committee members shall assume their duties with immediate effect and, in accordance with standard procedures, each member must also pass an eligibility check carried out by the FIFA Review Committee in accordance with the FIFA Governance Regulations.

In delivering their tasks, the committee shall:

  • manage the current affairs of the FHF;

  • revise the statutes of the FHF and adapt, if necessary, the relevant regulations in order to ensure compliance with the FIFA Statutes and requirements;

  • organise the election of a new FHF executive committee on the basis of the new statutes of the FHF; and

  • ensure a smooth transition of financial matters with the new executive committee of the FHF.

In addition, as the committee will act as the electoral commission, consequently, none of its members may, under any circumstances, stand as a candidate for any posts in FHF elections.

The mandate of the committee shall run until 30 November 2022 at the latest.