FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012

FIFA 13: Capturing the unpredictability of football

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Earlier this year, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 13 was chosen by journalists and critics as the Best Sports Game of E3 - the premier gaming expo in the world. Critics lauded its innovation and realism, predicting it will be another smash hit.

This is no small feat considering that FIFA 12 was the biggest sports video game launch in history with over 3.7 million games sold in the first takes a look at some of the main improvements in the new game, which will be released across Europe on 28 September.

Attacking Intelligence
This is one of the most profound developments in the new game. Players are now able to think two plays ahead and analyse the space around them to curve runs to stay onside, make runs that pull defenders out of position and open passing channels for teammates. Strikers are able to make better use of open space and create more danger in their opponents' defense.

Complete Dribbling
The dribbling system is even more realistic, a fitting tribute to the face of FIFA 13, Lionel Messi! Gamers will have considerably more freedom in one-on-one situations with a fusion of true 360-degree mobility while dribbling and already-known move combinations. Technically strong players like Messi will benefit greatly from these dribbling improvements.

First touch ball control
This feature transforms the way players control the ball and now reflects real football games much more closely. Near-perfect touch for every player on the pitch has been eliminated, so the game plays like real football. Defenders now have more opportunities to win back possession from stray balls and poor touches.

It hasn’t even been released yet and FIFA 13 already looks even more realistic than its predecessor! In September, four of our FIWC champions will enjoy an exclusive trip to EA SPORTS headquarters in Vancouver where they will test out the new game and meet its makers! Be sure to follow @FIWC on Twitter to follow our champions' journey to the home of FIFA 13.

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FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012

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