FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012

Day One roundup from Dubai

Results from Day One of the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final

After 22 matches, played on an incredibly hot day in Dubai, the FIWC12 Grand Final is in full swing. There have been a few surprise performances by first-time finalists along with some solid displays by the more experienced players.

Former champion Nenad Stojkovic has been providing match commentary for the FIWC Live Stream being broadcast from Dubai. "Some of the results are a little bit surprising but it looks like every group is pretty even," said Nenad. "A lot of the newcomers have done really well, you wouldn’t expect it because in previous years many newcomers have been a bit overwhelmed by the big stage. These guys have definitely shown that they deserve to be here."

 **Group A**
 Game 1 Andre Buffo 2-2 Ty Walton 
 Game 2  Reece Lambert 2-0 Velazquez Leyva
 Game 3  Guastella 1-0 Takahide Hazome
 Game 4  Velazquez Leyva 0-5 Andre Buffo
 Game 5  Ty Walton 1-0 Takahide Hazome
 Game 6  Reece Lambert 0-2 Giuseppe Guastella

Player reactions to Group A

“At the moment Jo [Giuseppe Guastella] is leading our group,” says Ty Walton. “He’s has played two games and won two, but he hasn’t played me or Andre yet so things could easily change. He qualified in Season 6 and he’s been to the FIWC Grand Final before, but well see what happens.”

 **Group B**  
 Game 1 Alfonso Ramos  1-3 Kei Wollin
 Game 2  David Arboli 0-0 Alban Rojas
 Game 3  Wbeimar Quiroga Forero 2-1 August Rosenmeier
 Game 4  Alban Rojas 0-1 Alfonso Ramos
 Game 5  Kei Wollin 2-2 August Rosenmeier
 Game 6  David Arboli 2-0 Wbeimar Quiroga Forero

Player reactions to Group B

“I got the win against Ramos in my first game. He's a very good player, so it was an important three points,” says current Group B leader Kei Wollin. “I drew with August in my second game, he's also very good."

 **Group C**  
 Game 1  Bruce Grannec 2-0 Samy Stroh
 Game 2  Majed Bin Saleem 0-2 Julien Dassonville
 Game 3  Abdulaziz Alshehri 3-1 Samuel Liberato
 Game 4  Julien Dassonville 1-1 Bruce Grannec
 Game 5  Stroh Birmaher 1-1 Samuel Liberato
 Game 6  Majed Bin Saleem 0-1 Abdulaziz Alshehri

Player reactions to Group C
“He’s an unknown. He qualified online so people have probably underestimated him,” Ty Walton says of current Group C leader Abdulaziz Alshehri. “I’ve actually played him online. He knows what he’s doing," said Ty. "He trains against a lot of the top players. At the moment, in my opinion Group C is very hard. Some people have said group D is harder but, to me, Group C is the hardest Group."

 **Group D**
 Game 1  Francisco Cruz 2-1 Tassal Rushan
 Game 2  Nascimento - Krasimir Ivanov (postponed)
 Game 3  Patrascu 4-0 Zajac
 Game 4  Krasimir Ivanov 2-1 Francisco Cruz
Game 5  Rushan 1-4 Zajac
 Game 6  Nascimento - Patrascu (postponed)

Player reactions to Group D
"The only surprise for me was Cruz losing the second match against Krasimir Ivanov," says Andre Buffo. "Ivanov is one of the guys who could win, but still, it's Cruz. After he played so well in the first match i thought he was going to win all his group games."

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