FIFA eWorld Cup 2020™

FIFA eWorld Cup 2020™

FIFA eClub World Cup Overview

FIFA eClub World Cup players
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The world’s best eFootball clubs and organisations meet at the FIFA eClub World Cup in their quest to become FIFA eClub World Cup champions. Launched in 2017, the competition is also part of the 2020 Global Series and one of the eight major competitive FIFA tournaments.

Are you part of an existing eFootball club or organisation and want to compete? Please find more information on how to compete here.

In brief:

  • First edition: 2017 in London
  • Reigning champions: Complexity Gaming
  • Total 2020 prize money: USD 100,000

More information: Champions | Prizes | Format

All participating club teams and players at the FIFA eClub World Cup 2020:

AS Roma

  • PS4: Damian ' Roma Damie' Augustyniak (Poland)
  • Xbox One: Miguel ' Roma SpiderKong' De Assis Bilhar (Brazil)

Blue United eFC

  • PS4: Sho 'BLU Agu' Nakashima (Japan)
  • Xbox One: Shota 'BLU Tsakt' Sato (Japan)


  • PS4: Yannick 'BMG_Jeffryy' Reiners (Germany)
  • Xbox One: Richard ' BMG_Gaucho10' Hormes (Germany)

Complexity Gaming

  • PS4: Joksan 'Redona' Redona Tello (USA)
  • Xbox One: Max Emilov 'MaXe_VIP' Popov (USA)

DUX Gaming

  • PS4: Jaime 'gravesen_1' Álvarez Martínez (Spain)
  • Xbox One: Diego Gaston 'SownDragon74617' Gonzalez (Argentina)


  • PS4: Ethan James 'Ellevens EthxnH' Higgins (UK)
  • Xbox One: Pedro Henrique 'Ellevens Resende' Resende Soares (Brazil)

FC Basel 1894 eSports

  • PS4: Gonzalo Nicolas 'FCB NICOLAS99FC' Villalba (Argentina)
  • Xbox One: Florian Fritz 'FCB CodyDerFinisher' Müller (Germany)

Gilette Infinity Esports

  • PS4: Gabriel 'INF Wolf' Cabrera (Colombia)
  • Xbox One: Javier 'INF Janoz' Munoz (Colombia)

Hashtag United

  • PS4: Harry-John 'Hashtag Harry' Hesketh (UK)
  • Xbox One: Alexander 'Hashtag Shawrey' Shaw (UK)

Nasr eSports

  • PS4: Ramy 'Nasr_Ramy' Abdelaal (Egypt)
  • Xbox One: Haroun 'Nasr_Haroun' Yassin (Austria)

Redemption eSports

  • PS4: Christian 'ChristianSpiteri' Spiteri (Malta)
  • Xbox One: Abdulaziz 'MrDone' Alshehri (Saudi Arabia)

Team FW AU

  • PS4: Mark 'FUTWIZ Marko' Brijeski (Australia)
  • Xbox: Jamie 'FUTWIZ Jamie' O'Doherty (Australia)

FaZe Clan

  • PS4: Tassal 'FaZe_Tass' Rushan (UK)
  • Xbox One: Amine 'Mino7x' Boughanmi (France)

Fierce Esports

  • PS4: Akima 'Fully' Byron (Jamaica)
  • Xbox One: Connor 'Fierce Catt' Keys (UK)

FK Austria Wien

  • PS4: David 'Neubi' Neubauer (Germany)
  • Xbox One: Marcel 'Juno16x' Holy (Austria)


  • PS4: Donovan 'Fnatic Tekkz' Hunt (UK)
  • Xbox One: Thomas 'Fnatic Tom' Leese (UK)

Manchester City eSports

  • PS4: Shaun 'MCFC Shellzz' Springette (Sweden)
  • Xbox One: Ryan 'MCFC Ryan' Pessoa (UK)


  • PS4: Daniele 'Prinsipe' Paolucci (Italy)
  • Xbox One: Matteo 'RiberaRibell' Ribera (Italy)

Movistar Riders

  • PS4: Andoni 'AndoniiPM' Payo Martín (Spain)
  • Xbox One: Kilian 'I5I Zidane 10' Pita Ossorio (Spain)


  • PS4: Thomas 'NEO STOKES' Stokes (UK)
  • Xbox One: Spencer 'NEO GORILLA' Ealing (UK)

Nordavind DNB

  • PS4: Arkan 'Nvd Arkoo' Nevzut Resul (Norway)
  • Xbox One: Magnus 'NVD_Hyperr' Myhrhaug Kristiansen (Norway)

Olympique Lyonnais

  • PS4: Corentin 'LDLC OL CVB' Vicogne (France)
  • Xbox One: Marvyn 'LDLC OL Aero' Robert (France)


  • PS4: Oliver 'R288DonOli' Mikkelsen (Denmark)
  • Xbox One: Alexander 'R288mr_lillelys' Laustrup (Denmark)


  • PS4: Diego 'QLASH Crazy' Campagnani (Italy)
  • Xbox One: Ivan Todorov 'QLASH DrNW' Churov (Bulgaria)

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