FIFA eWorld Cup 2020™

FIFA eWorld Cup 2020™

FIFA eClub World Cup Format

FIFA eClub World Cup Champion 2018
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Since its launch in 2017, the eClub World Cup has featured the world’s best real-world football clubs and endemic eSports teams in EA SPORTS FIFA.

The FIFA eClub World Cup 2020 tournament format at a glance:

Group stage:

The teams will be divided into four groups of six. During the group stage, each team will play against each other three times: the first on Xbox or PlayStation in a 1v1 format and the second on the other console in a 1v1 format. The third game will be played in a 2v2 format. Each team shares their preferred console ahead of the tournament via a draft mode, which will be used to determine which one is used: PlayStation or Xbox.

For each group stage game, teams will earn zero points for a loss, one point for a draw and three points for a win. Teams can thus win up to nine points per match-set.

Knockout stage (quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals):

The top four ranked teams from each group will advance to the knockout stages, beginning with the Round of 16 and eventually ending with the final of the FIFA eClub World Cup 2020.

During the knockout stages, teams will compete in a single-elimination format that will be played over the course of two separate games, the first one being 1v1 and second one 2v2. In the event that one team wins the first game and the other team wins the second game, or both games end in a draw, the teams will play a third game in 1v1 format to determine the winner.

In the knockout stages, the selection of the respective consoles are based on the performances of the individual teams in the FIFA eClub World Cup 2020

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