• Runner-up at U-20 World Cup (2015)
  • Wins gold at Olympics (2016)
  • At 19 signs for Manchester City (2017)
  • Brazil’s top scorer in 2018 World Cup qualifiers (7 goals, 5 assists, 10 games)

This football pitch, located in the grounds of a military prison in north Sao Paulo, was where Gabriel Jesus played organised football for the first time.  

Gabriel Jesus (back row, centre) was 8 when he attended his first training for the Clube Pequeninos do Meio Ambiente team.

On 17 June, in only his 18th appearance for Brazil, he stepped onto a pitch at a World Cup. 

There was a day when I dreamed about being a player. Then I dreamed about playing in a big club in Brazil. Then it was Europe. Now it's the last one, to play in a World Cup and get to the final.

Gabriel Jesus

A recent mural in the favela he grew up in - located on the outskirts of Sao Paulo - has the inscription Das Ruas do Peri pra Copa Du Mundo 'From the streets of Peri to the World Cup'. The giant mural illustrates his 'phoning home' goal celebration. 

Gabriel Calling

His goals are celebrated by simulating a phone call to his mom, Vera Lucia. A single mother who raised four children while working as a cleaner in Sao Paulo.

“I think he’s looking very good and he’s maturing fast"

Ronaldo O Fenômeno on Gabriel Jesus


Brazil haven't won a world cup since 2002. And 2014 is undoubtedly one of their most traumatic performances at a World Cup. Can Gabriel bring Brazil back into the light in Russia?