Qatar is bidding to host the FIFA World Cup™ in 2022. A World Cup in
Qatar would be the first global sporting event ever to be hosted in the
Middle East.

Qatar is truly in the Middle, not in the East or West, and within
reach for fans all around the globe.  Indeed, only Qatar can guarantee
everybody fine broadcasting times on TV and the Internet.

By taking place in Qatar, the World Cup™ will for the first time come
to a region brimming with sporting potential and passion. More than 435
million Middle Easterners will be waiting for the Game in 2022.

The Qatar 2022 World Cup™ will be compact - to the benefit of the
fans, FIFA and the environment.

Qatar's compact games plan would save fans travel time and money as well
as reducing the impact on the environment. Renewable technologies and
architecturally advanced venues and facilities built to the highest
environmental standards would also ensure players and fans alike enjoy
each match in a cool environment. 

Qatar is committed to using and developing eco-friendly technologies
for stadiums that can then be adopted in other countries. After the 2022
World Cup, part of each modular stadium will be reduced in size to be
used as permanent stadiums; the other part will be used as stand modules
to be re-erected in other Asian countries in collaboration with Reach
Out to Asia, helping the spirit of the tournament live on across the

And, naturally, fans from around the world would experience the magic of
traditional Arab hospitality and leave Qatar with a new understanding of
the Middle East.

The FIFA World Cup™ in the region would bring greater unity and
understanding between peoples from every continent, perfectly reflecting
the FIFA slogan "For the Game; for the World".