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Ticket Information

Ticket Information

Sales Phases:

In order to ensure a fair and transparent allocation of Tickets, the procedure for Ticket allocation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM has been divided into three phases. The dates given below are all subject to possible change without prior notice which will be communicated on

The first Tickets for the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM went on sale on 14th September 2017. 

Sales Phase (1) was divided into two Sales Periods. First, fans were able to request Tickets on a Random Selection Draw basis (from 14th September 2017 until 12th October 2017), and then after the Random Selection Draw has taken place and the successful Ticket Applications were determined, they were able to purchase the remaining Tickets on a First Come First Served basis from 16th November 2017 to 28th November 2017. During Sales Phase (1), fans were able to buy Tickets based on the date and venue of a Match (teams playing were determined later), or to follow a specific team (date and venue determined later). This is because during Sales Phase (1) it was not yet determined where specific teams were playing any given Match, with the exception of Russia as Team A1.

Sales Phase (2) commenced after the Final Draw when football fans found out where all participating teams would be playing. Sales Phase (2) is also divided into two Sales Periods. The first Sales Period of Sales Phase (2) was again a Ticket Application collection period with applications submitted from 5th December 2017 until 31st January 2018. Random Selection Draws took place in order to determine which Ticket Applications were successful.  The remaining Tickets were available from 13th March 2018 to 3rd April 2018 on a First Come First Served basis, where Ticket purchases were processed as a real-time transaction, which means the Tickets were confirmed at the point of purchase.

In the Last Minute Sales Phase from 18th April 2018 up until the final Match day of the Competition, the remaining Tickets will be available to all customers online and, from 1st May, 2018 (subject to change) until the final Match day of the competition, remaining Tickets will also be available Over the Counter at the designated FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres. During the Last Minute Sales Phase, Ticket purchases are processed as a real-time transaction to the extent inventory remains available.

Ticket Products:

There will be four types of Tickets available for the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM:

Individual Match Tickets are offered in Categories 1 to 4 and Partially Obstructed View Category, Venue Specific Ticket Series are offered in Categories 1 to 4; Team Specific Ticket Series, Supporter Tickets and Conditional Supporter Tickets are offered in Categories 1 to 3.

Individual Match Tickets: These are Tickets for a specific Match, which are available for all Matches (Match No. 1 to Match No. 64).

Individual Match Tickets will be available in Sales Phases (1), (2) and Last Minute Sales Phase.

Venue Specific Ticket Series (VST): VST are Ticket strips for a specific venue. These strips include the Group Matches (not including the Opening Match), Round of 16 and 3rd Place Match played at the specific venue of the client’s choice. No Tickets for the Quarter-Finals, the Semi-Finals and the Final are contained in any VST. VSTs are designed to allow you to enjoy such Matches included in the selected VST and which are hosted in a specific stadium of the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM.

Please note that each VST includes a certain number of Tickets. Therefore, the Ticket Application will only identify the Venue of the client's choice, and the purchase will include such Tickets included in the VST. 

Each VST grants the Tickets necessary for one person to attend the included Matches. A VST must be purchased for each Guest intending to attend the Matches reflected in the respective VST.

Venue Specific Ticket Series were offered in Sales Phase (1) and in Random Selection Draw of Sales Phase (2).

Team Specific Ticket Series (TST): TSTs are Ticket strips to follow the national team of your choice. The TST will not always comprise all Matches played by the chosen national team, but only the number of Matches comprised in the package which you have purchased. This means that, depending on which TSTs you applied for, your TSTs may include between three Matches (so called TST3 comprising only the three Group Matches) and seven Matches (so called TST7 comprising all Group Matches, a Round of 16 Match, a Quarter-Final, a Semi-Final and the Final) as explained in the Ticket Application Form. The TST purchased guarantees the customer Tickets for Matches of such rounds of the Competition comprised in the specific TST package purchased by the customer, regardless of whether the Team itself qualifies. The TST7 for any team comprises a Ticket for the Final held in Moscow Luzhniki Stadium. This is the case regardless whether or not the team of your choice will advance to the Final.

TST products are designed to allow you to follow the team of your choice and to enjoy the Competition throughout all Competition rounds selected in your TST product allowing you to plan your trip and confirm the round of Matches you will have Tickets to attend. If your team is eliminated and your TST includes rounds after your team has been eliminated, your TST will remain valid for such round or rounds dependent on the TST product of your choice to follow the team that progresses into the next round of the Competition.

Please note that the Ticket Application Form and the Ticket Confirmation will only identify the national team and the number of Matches of your choice and the purchase will include all Tickets comprised in the requested TST.

If your chosen team does not qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM, FIFA will refund the payment made by you for your TST minus an administration fee of 10.00 US Dollars (ten United States Dollars), or the equivalent in Russian Roubles.

Team Specific Ticket Series were available during Sales Phase (1).

Supporter Tickets (ST) and Conditional Supporter Tickets (CST): National team supporters could apply for Supporter Tickets for the Group Stage Matches played by the national team between Match 1 and Match 48; national team supporters could also apply for the Conditional Supporter Tickets which were the Tickets available for the four Second Round matches that could potentially be played by the national team in the Round of 16, the Quarter-Finals, the Semi-Finals, the 3rd Place Match and the Final.

All Conditional Supporter Tickets are conditional upon the national team qualifying for the respective match. If your team is eliminated, your right to be provided with, and use, the ordered Conditional Supporter Ticket(s) for such Second Round Match(es) will automatically cease to exist. In such cases you will be refunded for any Second Round Match Ticket(s) purchased by you and not played by your team due to elimination, minus a handling charge deducted by FIFA equivalent to 10.00 US Dollars per customer/guest (up to a maximum of US Dollars 40.00 per order) or the equivalent in Russian Roubles, regardless of the number of Second Round Matches you may have covered through your request.

Supporter Tickets and Conditional Supporter Tickets were available during the Random Selection Draw of Sales Phase (2).

For further Ticketing information regarding the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM please visit regularly for further updates.