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2018 FIFA World Cup™ 

Ticket Categories

There will be five price categories offered for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™:

Individual Match Tickets are offered in categories 1 to 4 and as Partially Obstructed View Tickets; Venue Specific Ticket Series are offered in Categories 1 to 4; Team Specific Ticket Series, Supporter Tickets and Conditional Supporter Tickets are offered in Categories 1 to 3.

Category 1 This is the highest priced and located in prime areas within the Stadium.

Categories 2 and 3 These are located outside of the Category 1 area.

Category 4 This is the most affordable and is reserved exclusively for residents of Russia.

Partially Obstructed View (OV) Tickets for seats with partially obstructed view (OV) have a restricted view of the pitch of up to 50%. Such OV Tickets may be located anywhere within the Stadium blocks and are available for Russian residents only.

FIFA determines the categorisation of each seat in the Stadium on a Match-by-Match basis. This means that:

(i)    the Ticket category may vary from Match to Match; 

(ii)    all Ticket categories may include Stadium seats of the lower and upper tier;

(iii)    the Ticket categorisation remains unaffected from any conditions on the Match day, such as weather conditions; and 

(iv)    Ticket category boundaries may vary from Match to Match. Such differentiation is necessary to secure that the maximum number of Tickets can be made available to football fans.

Please note that the colours in each Stadium Map illustrate the areas in which seats of a certain Ticket category may be located. 

In order to make as many Tickets as possible available for fans and at the same time to ensure that the global media and other stakeholders are properly serviced, FIFA may redesign the areas in which seats of a certain Ticket category are located. And therefore FIFA reserves the right to assign specific seats to a different Ticket category on a Match-by-Match basis.

In no instances, will your seat be located in an area as indicated in the Stadium Map for a lower priced Ticket category.

Please note that all Tickets requested for a given Match must be for the same Ticket category, but you can request different categories for different Matches. The only exception from this rule is for Applications that include Special Access Tickets as well as other Tickets for the same Match.

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