2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

11 June - 11 July

2010 FIFA World Cup™

Valcke: Legacy is supporting South African football

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FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke and the Chairman of the 2010 World Cup Legacy Trust Danny Jordaan told a press conference in Johannesburg that close to 1,000 applicants had been approved as the first beneficiaries of the US$50-million Trust, which was established in the wake of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ to promote and extend the development and the reach of the game of football within South Africa.

Jérôme Valcke, FIFA Secretary General
On what hosting the FIFA World Cup meant to South Africa.
The FIFA World Cup has brought a lot to South Africa. South Africa is in a way a different place before and after the FIFA World Cup, not just because of the new infrastructure but the way it is perceived around the world, for the power of South Africa in the political world. South Africa became the centre of the world in 2010 and has kept its position high since then.

On whether the payments are too late to capitalise on the South Africa 2010 finals.
It is never too late for legacy. It is true that this trust was decided in 2010 and we are in 2013. It is the time to move out and implement the projects, and I congratulate the process. Greg Fredericks [Head of Legacy Programmes] and his team – it was not easy – they have discovered how difficult it is to run what FIFA is doing every day with our Goal and Financial Assistance Programmes and all the different development programmes we have in the 209 member associations. We have received many applications and some of them were crazy, a few of them were very good, but you have to go through all of them to make sure you pick out the right applications. We will work further to improve the process with a working group between FIFA, Greg Fredericks as the Legacy Trust General Manager and the South African government to make sure we can go even deeper in the requirements for the next phase of applications starting in July 2013.

On the goal of the Legacy Trust.
The goal is there: to use this money to support the development of football. Bafana Bafana will be good if there is a strong youth team behind them. Football is strong when you have youth football in your country. You cannot build the national team from nowhere with players coming from nowhere, and players coming from different countries without any chance of them growing together. The main point today is to make sure that we support and develop football in South Africa but ensure development through football in the areas of health and education

On the CAF Africa Cup of Nations, which begins on Saturday with the hosts playing against debutantes Cape Verde.
The African Cup of Nations is very important because at this tournament the final FIFA Confederations Cup participant for the tournament in Brazil in June will be decided. We are all curious to find out who the African representative will be. I just wish all the best for Bafana Bafana for their AFCON campaign, it would be very nice if they would join us this June as the African team in Brazil.

Danny Jordaan, Chairman of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy TrustOn the process of applications and awarding the money.
We opened the applications in April and closed in September of 2012. The board dealt with all of the applications. The trustees agreed when it was set-up that South Africans should benefit in the long-term from this trust and as such projects will be awarded on a yearly basis. Today, the first projects have been approved for a total of ZAR 56 million [US$6m] to be made available towards football development, but also for activities in education and health, including support of the 20 Football for Hope Centres and a project to train health professionals in medical assistance on and off the field by the Wits University. In the area of football development, the money will go towards the South African Football Association’s (SAFA) Local Football Associations, women football, regions of SAFA, coaches and administration training, in addition to the establishment of an U-13 and U-15 leagues. Important in this context is also to ensure the capacity of ensuring that we develop top football administrators for this country.

On the plan for South African football.
We have always said the future of South African football must begin at the grass roots. This is the first step of the full recovery of South African football, and this was done in the context that earlier last year SAFA approved the Technical Master Plan, and this year youth football and women football are thriving again.

On memories and the lasting impact of the 2010 finals.
I would like to thank Jerome for returning. The last time we sat together was at the final of the World Cup, and today we can sit looking back with happy memories knowing that the World Cup will continue to change the pattern of development of football.
On what projects would be supported in future.*
Of course it is our goal to ensure that the South African national team becomes our main attraction. But for that you need development at all levels. This includes youth football, women's football, as well as the development of coaches and referees.

SAFA President Kirsten Nematandani
*On the potential impact of the funds.
*Development is a buzz word. It is right it took us a bit of the time since 2010, but we are here today to celebrate the achievements and the resounding success of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. We are very excited as SAFA have all the faith that this money will be put to a good use. Our youth development programmes are critical if we are to succeed going into the future. We have often been criticised that our structures lack good development, but I think this will turn South African football around. We have now started to create a SAFA development agency which will be fully dedicated to developing football in South Africa. The trustees have been very clear that this fund must have a meaningful impact on football development. Accountability remains criticial, but I have all the trust in the monitoring mechanism set-up by the Trust, so that it is all above board.

Alec Moemi (Director General Ministry of Sports and Recreation)
On the importance for the South African government.
On behalf of the South African government, we are very pleased that ultimately the structures of football will start benefiting from the 2010 FIFA World Cup Legacy Trust. We insisted that we wanted to see from SAFA a master plan on development and we have received that now – and it is aligned with the government ones. This Trust becomes a catalyst to help us as a country in our efforts to better manage in the future the support of youth structures and development of football. It will help us to start strong on this new approach and to move ahead in the right direction for the benefit of South Africans and our football.

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