2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

11 June - 11 July

2010 FIFA World Cup™

The qualifiers in numbers

Who is the top goalscorer in all qualifiers for FIFA World Cups™? What has been the biggest winning margin in a qualification match? FIFA.com breaks down the Preliminary Competition in numbers.

162764 fans filled the Maracana in 1977 to see a qualifier between Brazil and Colombia.

31200 hours will be spent to construct the different stage elements and it will take 38 people an additional 238 hours to assemble the complete set for the Preliminary Draw show.

5000 matches will have been played between the qualifiers 1934 FIFA World Cup and the end of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Preliminary Competition.

4946 minutes of qualification matches have been played by Ivan Hurtado from Ecuador. This equates to 56 match appearances.

861 matches will be played in the Preliminary Competition for the 31 places available for the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals.

385 volunteers will be working during the week of the Preliminary Draw.

200 teams have entered the FIFA World Cup Preliminary Competition. This is the highest number of entrants ever.

173 countries will watch the Preliminary Draw show live.

123 is the number of qualification matches played by Mexico. Mexico, together with the USA hold the record for the most encounters in the Preliminary Competition, having met 23 times already.

75 years of preliminary competition in June 2008.

30 goals scored by Iran's Ali Daei who is the leading scorer in the Preliminary Competitions.

31 goals is the highest score in the history of the Preliminary Competition. This is Australia's tally from their game against American Samoa, who failed to net even a consolation goal. This is the biggest goal difference ever in an international match.

20 years of FIFA World Cup qualifiers were played by Pat Jennings of Northern Ireland and Victor Mendieta from Panama.

18 is the number of preliminary competitions the Republic of Ireland, Portugal and Luxembourg have been involved in when the European qualifiers start. This means they have played in every preliminary competition since 1934.

9 seconds is the time of the fastest goal in the Preliminary Competition. It was scored by San Marino's Davide Gualtieri against England in 1993.

8 tonnes of steel was used for the Preliminary Draw stage.

2 matches is all Germany has lost in 64 qualification matches.

1 is the number of people who would have been a Preliminary Draw assistant, performed at a Preliminary Draw and at a FIFA World Cup Final. He is Senegalese artist Youssou N'Dour.

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