2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

11 June - 11 July

2010 FIFA World Cup™

Thabo on top of the world

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In his small rural village of Wepeener, outside Bloemfontein in South Africa, Thabo Ramabele is often referred to as ‘Gattuso', but on the pitch he fancies himself more as Kaka.

He has always dreamt of watching the world's biggest stars live in action, but appreciating the financial difficulties faced by people in his community, he was resigned to the fact that he would be watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup on television

However, a lucky win has made his dreams come true. The 16-year old has became the proud owner of two tickets for the Opening Match of South Africa 2010 and is amongst the first to be guaranteed a seat at the newly-built Soccer City in Johannesburg on 11 June.

He was drawn at random following a ballot of applicants who had applied to purchase a FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009 ticket.

"When I applied for my Confederations Cup ticket, I was not even aware that there was a competition. It was only after my mother arrived at my school excited to inform me that I had won a competition that I was aware of it," he said.

He has always loved football, and had promised his mother that, in exchange for her buying him a FIFA Confederations Cup ticket, he will perform his house chores with devotion and diligence.

"I wanted to watch the Confederations Cup because next year, I might not afford to buy another ticket. I'm excited and very happy to have won," he continued.

He believes he will one day play for South Africa, although he does not foresee that happening before 2010. "I love football," he smiled. "Where I come from, we all dream of playing for some of the big teams in the world. We usually name ourselves after some of the greatest footballers in the world.

"In 2010, I will be supporting Brazil, but my loyalty is with Bafana Bafana (South African national side). They are my country and I will be rallying behind them," he concluded.

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