2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

11 June - 11 July

2010 FIFA World Cup™

Test your knowledge on FIFA.com

Ever felt the urge to test your in-depth knowledge of the beautiful game and see how you measure up against the rest of the world? Reckon you know all that's worth knowing about football? If so, FIFA.com is the place to be.

Starting immediately, push yourself to the limit with the all-new FIFA.com Football Quiz. Do you know the winners of every FIFA World Cup since 1930? What about the tournament runners-up? And are you quick enough to outpace users from every corner of the globe in a live head-to-head showdown, clicking the right answer before every other contender and earning valuable bonus points? Throw in excitement, fun and an emotional roller-coaster ride and you have the recipe for the interactive Fan Fest area on the official website of football's world governing body.

And that's by no means all. Once you've entered the virtual lobby at the FIFA.com Football Quiz, you can start chatting with every other currently logged-on user from around the world, all of them ready and waiting to challenge you in person in individual quiz shows on every conceivable topic connected to football and the FIFA World Cup.

We hardly need mention that you're free to chat away with your challengers during the ten-round shows, transforming the quiz into a cross-cultural meeting point and a forum for exchanging views with a throng of equally passionate fans, recreating the unique atmosphere we've come to know and love from FIFA World Cup finals. Join us in the new world of FIFA.com, immerse yourself in our Fan Fest, and marvel at the way hours suddenly seem to pass in minutes with the all-new FIFA.com Football Quiz. The world of football is waiting for you and your knowledge of the game - come on in and show us what you can do!

Chat and star
After entering the lobby of our new interactive game for the first time, you'll be offered new quiz shows on two topics of your choice, divided in turn into varying levels of difficulty. The idea is to work your way up the levels question-by-question and show-by-show, adding to your points total with victories over your competitors. You can earn various award ratings to indicate your prowess to other users, and also battle for position in two rankings, the weekly standings and the overall classification.

Is your appetite whetted for the challenge? How far can you go as you test your knowledge of the game against the best in the world? Does your instant recall of facts relating to the FIFA World Cup place you among the global elite?

Javisol07 of Chile currently leads the way in the weekly standings, closely followed by Spanish user JorgeCh. Fifth place this week belongs to Sebastian of Peru, the current number one in the overall classification and an enormously tough opponent to beat. A remarkable 3,000 users have already signed up for the FIFA.com Football Quiz, and there are rarely fewer than 50 players from all over the planet in the lobby at any given time, chatting away in readiness for the next show and the chance to amass points.

Respect and fair play
Join in and have the world admire your prowess when it comes to facts and figures about the most popular game on the planet. Chat with fans from all over the globe, always bearing in mind the most important rules of football itself, fair play and respect for one another. Sign up today and plunge into a new virtual world, the vibrant lobby of the FIFA.com Football Quiz. Looking forward to meeting you!

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