2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™

9 June - 9 July

2006 FIFA World Cup™


Oleksandr SHOVKOVSKYI (UKR), Budweiser Man of the Match
You can't prepare for penalty shoot-outs. I try not to get too worked up about it. I don't think about it too much, I just stand there and completely clear my head. Sometimes you have to stop asking questions and just play. The emotion of the occasion can overpower you to begin with, but I managed to stay really focused right until the end. When the Swiss missed their third penalty, I knew that we would be through.

It's hard to take because I hadn't conceded during the whole tournament and Ukraine didn't play well but we're going out of the tournament and that's a bitter pill to swallow. I didn't have to make many good saves because there were no shots on goal. We tried our hardest but we just couldn't score either.

Overall we can be happy for performing well in the tournament but the match was very difficult today. It's a pity for all those who came to support us. A penalty shoot-out is always nerve-wracking. We're very disappointed, but we have to keep looking forward. I am both proud and happy about what we've achieved in this tournament. That's what football's all about. I have enormous faith in this team, and at the next tournament we will show what we can do. With home advantage, 2008 will be no problem. I take full responsibility for my missed penalty and apologise to the team and to the many fans who travelled such a long way. We leave with our heads held high because we didn't concede a goal.

Ludovic MAGNIN (SUI)
We are disappointed. It really hurts but that's football and now we need some days to recover and think about what happened. We fought until the end and I hope Switzerland will be proud of us because I'm honoured to represent my country.

Raphael WICKY (SUI)
We've really learned our lesson here tonight. It was a great experience for us though, and we can still be proud of what we achieved. We didn't want to take any chances, and in the end when it came down to penalties, fate didn't smile on us.

We had our chances but Ukraine defended well. Penalty shoot-outs are always a bit of a lottery.

At the moment I just feel a huge emptiness over my missed penalty. Before the match we worked intensively on penalties, but when it happens in a game it's like a lottery. You can have played so well, but in the end it counts for nothing. It would have been important for us if we had won a game like that.

The team gave me a gift tonight and I'm really happy. The match against Italy won't be easy as we are getting more and more tired with each game. I saw Italy's game and they still did well with only ten men. But it should be easier for us because nobody will expect us to win. We've done well to have got this far. All the pressure will be on Italy.

It was a special match for us and it was particularly good for me to play in front of the Cologne fans. After our 4-0 defeat against Spain, a lot of people wrote us off. Getting to the quarter-finals is cause for celebration though – both for the team and for the entire people of Ukraine. A lot of people who weren't even interested in football a couple of months ago are now completely hooked. Our style of play may not be that interesting for the spectators, but it has always worked for us in the past. We're solid at the back and have managed to keep a clean sheet three times so far.

The fact that it was my turn right after 'Sheva' missed wasn't a problem, since penalties are always a complete lottery. Italy will be a tough opponent and they'll be the favourites, but that could well be a burden for them and an opportunity for us.

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