2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

11 June - 11 July

2010 FIFA World Cup™

Switzerland-Honduras: Quotes

Ottmar Hitzfeld head coach of Switzerland consoles players
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Ottmar Hitzfeld, Switzerland coach
We were fired up for this one, and we concentrated hard in training. I had a good feeling about the match, but we didn't start at all well. Our challenges were a little timid and we couldn't get the final ball away in attack. We built up a head of steam in the second half, but that handed our opponents chances on the break, so it was end-to-end stuff for a time. But to score, you also need a little bit of luck, and we were out of luck today. And overall, we have to be honest and say we've not performed at a level which would justify a place in the last 16.
Reinaldo Rueda, Honduras coachIt was a very exciting match. We could have come away with more than a point, but we only got going once it was too late. We failed to make the most of our chances. On the one hand, that's due to the inexperience of some of my players, and on the other hand, we tried to do things on our own at times when it would have been better to look for a team-mate. I'm very disappointed, but we can still be proud of that performance.

Tranquillo Barnetta, Switzerland midfielderI really don't know what was wrong with us today. We battered away at them, but we couldn't find the killer pass. We all need to take a good, hard look at ourselves, because we need to be making more chances against a team like Honduras, who have a few problems in defence.

Hakan Yakin, Switzerland forwardWe sensed a little bit of tension in the dressing room beforehand, but we were a long way from buckling under the pressure. We knew exactly what we had to do in order to get through, but unfortunately it's not worked out. It's not that we were simply unlucky. We've come up short due to our own limitations.

Stephane Grichting, Switzerland defenderWe had the chance, but we've failed to take it. We made too many mistakes early on. Our target was the Round of 16, and I'm disappointed we've fallen short.

Noel Vallederes, Honduras keeperI reckon we weren't bad tonight. We had a lot more possession than in our previous matches. We had a couple of good chances, but the ball just didn't want to go in.

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