2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

12 June - 13 July

2014 FIFA World Cup™

Stadium Code of Conduct for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

Stadium Code of Conduct for the2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

Version 10 (6 August, 2013)

1.         Purpose of this Stadium Code of Conduct

1.1               This Stadium Code of Conduct (“Stadium Code of Conduct”) has been developed by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (“FIFA”) for the matches (“Matches”) of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ (“Event”).  This Stadium Code of Conduct describes the applicable safety and security measures and policies for the conduct of (a) every person using a match ticket (“Ticket”) to attend a Match (“Stadium Visitor”) and (b) every person using an entry pass for working purposes (“Accreditation”) granted to such person (“Accredited Person”) within a stadium in which a Match takes place and which is under the control of the FIFA World Cup Authorities (as defined below) on Match days (“Stadium”).

1.2               FIFA, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Venda de Ingressos Ltda., FIFA Ticketing AG, the local organizing committee for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ (Copa do Mundo da FIFA 2014 – Comitê Organizador Brasileiro Ltda.) (“LOC”), the FIFA Ticketing Center (“FTC”), which is a trading name for FIFA’s service provider MATCH Services AG and its Brazilian subsidiary MATCH Serviços de Eventos Ltda, the FIFA Ticketing Office (“FTO”), the Stadium management and/or the Brazilian public authority(ies), and their respective employees, volunteers, agents, representatives, officers and directors (together the “FIFA World Cup Authorities”) are responsible for safety and security in connection with the Matches.

2.         Notice and Acknowledgement of the Stadium Code of Conduct by the Ticket Holder

2.1       This Stadium Code of Conduct remains subject to changes. The most up-to-date and applicable version of this Stadium Code of Conduct is made available on Match days at the Stadium and at www.FIFA.com and will be registered with the Registry Title and Deed (”Registro de Títulos e Documentos – RTD”).

2.2              Each Stadium Visitor and Accredited Person agrees and acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, accepted and will comply with this Stadium Code of Conduct as well as any specific instructions given by any of the FIFA World Cup Authorities. If considered necessary, in addition to this Stadium Code of Conduct, further mandatory instructions may be issued by the FIFA World Cup Authorities to ensure safety and security in the Stadium in order to prevent or eliminate any risk to life, health or personal belongings.

3.         Entry to the Stadium

3.1       Stadium Visitors and Accredited Persons shall cooperate with the FIFA World Cup Authorities, by:

a)                 presenting a Ticket or an Accreditation;

b)                if requested by the FIFA World Cup Authorities, presenting proof of identity and, in case the Stadium Visitor is holding a Ticket which is subject to a personal condition presenting the required documents which evidence his/her fulfilment of the personal condition required for the purchase or use of the ticket; and

c)                 submitting to inspections, body checks and removal of items that are prohibited to use, possess, hold or bring into the Stadium on Match days (“Prohibited Items”), as listed in clause 4 below.

3.2       Stadium Visitors and Accredited Persons agree and acknowledge that their access is restricted to the areas within the Stadium specified in the respective Ticket or Accreditation or as instructed by the FIFA World Cup Authorities.

4.         Prohibited Items

4.1       Unless otherwise authorised by the FIFA World Cup Authorities in writing, Stadium Visitors and Accredited Persons are not permitted to bring into, possess, hold or use in, the Stadium the following Prohibited Items:

a)                  weapons of any kind or any objects which enable the practice of violence;

b)                 anything that could be used as a weapon or to cut, thrust or stab, or as a projectile, in particular long umbrellas or parasols and other similar implements;

c)                  bottles, cups (except for plastic cups), jugs, cans or any other form of closed containers of any kind that may be thrown and cause injury as well as other objects made from glass or any other fragile, non-shatterproof or especially tough material or Tetrapak packaging, or hard cooler boxes;

d)                 fireworks, flares, smoke powder, smoke canisters, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnics or devices which produce similar effects;

e)                  liquids of any kind (including beverages whether alcoholic or not), except if acquired inside the Stadia, contained in plastic cups, and in accordance with the security proceedings applicable to the Events;

f)                   food of any kind, except if acquired inside the Stadia or special food for diabetics

g)                  narcotics or stimulants;

h)                 materials related to offensive, racist, xenophobic cause, charity or ideological concern, including but not limited to banners, flags, signs, symbols and leaflets, objects or clothing, which could impair the enjoyment of the Event by other spectators, detract from the sporting focus of the Event or which stimulate any form of discrimination;

i)                   flagpoles or banner poles of any kind. Only flexible plastic poles and so-called double-poles that do not exceed 1 metre in length and 1 cm in diameter and which are not made of inflammable material are permitted;

j)                   banners or flags larger than 2m x 1m50. Smaller flags and banners are permitted provided that they are made from material which is deemed “of low flammability” and complies with national regulations and standards are not otherwise prohibited under this Stadium Code of Conduct;

k)                 any sort of animals, except for guide dogs. In such case the Stadium Visitor intending to bring into, and use a guide dog, inside a Stadium will be required to present such official Brazilian documents or notarized copies thereof which (i) provide proof of his/her disability justifying the need of a guide dog; and (ii) evidence the qualification of the dog as a guide dog, in the parameters established by applicable rules;

l)                   any promotional or commercial materials, including but not limited to banners, flags, signs, symbols and leaflets, or any kind of promotional or commercial objects, material and clothing;

m)               inflated balls, bowls and bullets regardless of the size;

n)                 gas spray cans, corrosive, flammable substances, dyes or receptacles containing substances which are harmful to health or are highly flammable. Standard pocket cigarette lighters are permitted;

o)                 unwieldy objects such as ladders, stools, (folding) chairs, boxes, paperboard containers, large bags, rucksacks, suitcases and sports bags. “Unwieldy” is given to mean all objects which are larger than 25cmx25cmx25cm and which cannot be stowed under the seat in the Stadium;

p)                 large quantities of paper and/or rolls of paper;

q)                 mechanically-operated instruments which produce an excessive volume of noise such as megaphones, hooters or gas-powered horns;

r)                  any musical instruments regardless of the size, including vuvuzelas.

s)                  devices that produce laser beams, laser pointers or similar devices;

t)                   large quantities of powder, flour and similar substances;

u)                 cameras (except for private use and then only with one set of replacement or rechargeable batteries), any form of video cameras or other sound or video recording equipment;

v)                 personal computers or other devices (including, for example, laptops and tablet PC’s) used for the purposes of transmitting or disseminating sound, pictures, descriptions or results of the events via the internet or other forms of media; and

w)               other objects which could compromise public safety and/or harm the reputation of the Event as assessed at the sole discretion of the FIFA World Cup Authorities.

5.         Common Sense Conduct Inside the Stadium

5.1       All Stadium Visitors and Accredited Persons shall, at all times during their stay in the Stadium, conduct themselves in a manner so as not to offend, endanger the safety, or unnecessarily hinder or harass other Stadium Visitors and/or Accredited Persons.

5.2       All Stadium Visitors and Accredited Persons, as applicable, must occupy only the seat indicated on their Ticket and shall access it only via the designated entrance unless otherwise directed by the FIFA World Cup Authorities. For security reasons and to avert danger, Stadium Visitors shall move to seats other than those assigned, whether in the same or another section of the Stadium, if instructed to do so by the FIFA World Cup Authorities.

5.3*      *All access stairways and emergency exits must be kept clear at all times to the best possible extent.

5.4       All Stadium Visitors and Accredited Persons are requested not to drop litter, packaging or empty containers, but to dispose of such items in the appropriate litter bins inside the Stadium.

5.5       Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Stadium.

5.6       Furthermore, unless otherwise authorised by the FIFA World Cup Authorities, Stadium Visitors and Accredited Persons shall not:

a)                 enter the pitch or the area around the pitch;

b)                stand on seats in the spectator areas or unreasonably obstruct the view of other spectators;

c)                 throw objects, substances or liquids of any kind, particularly in the direction of another person or in the direction of the area around the pitch or the pitch itself;

d)                start a fire, let off or launch fireworks, flares, smoke powder, smoke bombs and  pyrotechnics, or other devices that produce similar effect;

e)                 engage in conduct, which could impair the enjoyment of the Event by other spectators, or detract from the sporting focus of the Event;

f)                  express any offensive messages of racist nature, xenophobic nature, or which stimulate other forms of discrimination;

g)                 promote any political, ideological messages or any charitable cause;

h)                be noticeably under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any behaviour-modifying substance;

i)                   hinder or harass other individuals, including players and Match officials

j)                   swear or sing discriminatory, racist or xenophobic chants;

k)                 act in a way which may be interpreted by others as provocative, threatening, discriminatory or offensive;

l)                   use flags for any purpose other than a festive and friendly manifestation;

m)              offer for sale or sell goods or Tickets, distribute printed material or make collections;

n)                create any threat to the life or safety of oneself or others, or harm anyone else in any way whatsoever;

o)                to encourage violent or harmful behaviour or to behave, or to show a tendency to behave, violently or harmfully or in a manner likely to disrupt public order;

p)                cause damage to anyone or anything at any time;

q)                climb on or over structures and installations not intended for general use, particularly façades, fences, walls, fencing, barriers, lighting masts, camera platforms, trees, masts of any kind and roofing;

r)                 restrict or impede circulation, footpaths and roadways, entrances and exits to visitor areas and emergency exits, or obstruct or interfere with zones open to traffic;

s)                 access, trespass or encourage the trespassing of areas (e.g. function rooms, VIP and media areas, etc.) which are closed to the public or for which access is unauthorised (except with proper access passes);

t)                  write or paint on or affix anything to structural elements, installations or pathways;

u)                relieve oneself anywhere other than in the toilets, or litter the Stadium by discarding objects such as rubbish, packaging, empty containers, etc;

v)                 record (except for private purposes), transmit, or in any other manner disseminate over the internet or any other media, including mobile devices, any sound, image, description, or result of any event taking place within the Stadium, in whole or in part, or assist any other person(s) conducting such activities; commercially exploit any photographs or images taken within the Stadium; and

w)                engage in other activities which could compromise public safety and/or harm the reputation of the Event, as assessed at the sole discretion of the FIFA World Cup Authorities and/or any other legally-authorized persons.