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Panama did not just swim in the sport’s most prestigious canal in 2018, but made a splash in other waters.</p> Thu, 20 Dec 2018 18:16:00 GMT1547577546129<![CDATA[More than half the world watched record-breaking 2018 World Cup]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/more-than-half-the-world-watched-record-breaking-2018-world-cup<p>FIFA has today published the key findings of a comprehensive audit of consolidated final audience data for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, which was broadcast live in every territory around the world from 14 June to 15 July this year.</p> Thu, 20 Dec 2018 19:07:00 GMT1547577545710<![CDATA[Kylian Mbappe: All by the age of 20]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/kylian-mbappe-all-by-the-age-of-20Wed, 19 Dec 2018 00:25:00 GMT1547577545718<![CDATA[Wu Lei: World Cup place is China's only aim]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/wu-lei-world-cup-place-is-china-s-only-aimWed, 19 Dec 2018 07:53:00 GMT1547577544988<![CDATA[Zeneli, Kosovo coming of age together]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/zeneli-kosovo-coming-of-age-togetherFri, 14 Dec 2018 15:24:00 GMT1547577545624<![CDATA[Relive the emotions of the 2018 World Cup with the help of this e-book]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/relive-emotions-of-2018-world-cup-with-help-of-e-book<p>Relive the emotions of the 2018 World Cup with the help of this e-book</p> Tue, 18 Dec 2018 17:08:00 GMT1547577545222<![CDATA[Qatar unveils spectacular design for Lusail Stadium]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/qatar-unveils-spectacular-design-for-lusail-stadium<p>The remaining and perhaps most-anticipated design of the eight stadiums proposed by the Supreme Committee for Delivery &amp; Legacy (SC) to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ was unveiled today at a colourful gala event held at the Lusail Harbour, 15km north from Doha.</p> Thu, 13 Dec 2018 16:47:00 GMT1547577538809<![CDATA[FIFA shares the benefits of Russia 2018 with 416 clubs around the globe]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/fifa-shares-the-benefits-of-russia-2018-with-416-clubs-around-the-globeTue, 04 Dec 2018 08:21:00 GMT1547577537056<![CDATA[Mabil’s journey from refugee to role model ]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/mabil-s-journey-from-refugee-to-role-modelThu, 22 Nov 2018 07:40:00 GMT1547577536833<![CDATA[FIFA President looks ahead to mark four years until Qatar 2022]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/fifa-president-looks-ahead-to-mark-four-years-until-qatar-2022<p>While the ink is only just drying on the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ chapter in football's history books, eyes are already starting to gaze forward longingly to the next edition, as we pass the four-year mark ahead of Qatar 2022.</p> Wed, 21 Nov 2018 17:44:00 GMT1547577536531<![CDATA[Hat-trick hero Seferovic: Switzerland's striking solution?]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/after-his-hat-trick-against-belgium-is-seferovic-the-answer-for-switzerl-3002531<p>After his hat-trick against Belgium, is Seferovic the answer for Switzerland?</p> Tue, 20 Nov 2018 19:19:00 GMT1547577536336<![CDATA[Orange is the new blue]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/orange-is-the-new-blue<p>Orange is the new blue</p> Tue, 20 Nov 2018 14:31:00 GMT1547577535424<![CDATA[Capela: I'd love to be a soccer pundit]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/capela-i-d-love-to-be-a-soccer-punditMon, 12 Nov 2018 21:58:00 GMT1547577535467<![CDATA[Willian eyes Brazil victory at their London ‘home from home’]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/willian-eyes-brazil-victory-at-their-london-home-from-homeFri, 16 Nov 2018 11:09:00 GMT1547577534989<![CDATA[Young Dragons taking flight]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/young-dragons-taking-flightTue, 13 Nov 2018 14:15:00 GMT1547577533332<![CDATA[Osorio has big plans for Paraguay]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/osorio-has-big-plans-for-paraguay<p>Osorio has big plans for Paraguay</p> Tue, 30 Oct 2018 10:48:00 GMT1547577532013<![CDATA[FIFA President praises Qatar 2022 infrastructure progress during whistle-stop tour]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/fifa-president-praises-qatar-2022-infrastructure-progress-during-whistle-stop-to<p>FIFA President Gianni Infantino has praised Qatar’s infrastructure progress and described the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ as a unique opportunity for football fans to experience a new culture and region during a whistle-stop tour of the country.</p> Tue, 23 Oct 2018 16:35:00 GMT1547577531941<![CDATA[100 days on, still going strong]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/100-days-on-still-going-strong<p>Remember the pundits who said players coming off an exhausting FIFA World Cup™ would struggle to find their form in 2018/19? Well, a crop of Russia 2018 stars have made a mockery of that fear.</p> Mon, 22 Oct 2018 21:28:00 GMT1547577531454<![CDATA[Triumphant return for Alcacer]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/triumphant-return-for-alcacer<p>After two and a half years in the international wilderness, the Dortmund striker was recalled to the Spain team and scored three times in two games. <strong>FIFA.com</strong> takes a closer look at his rich vein of form.</p> Tue, 16 Oct 2018 16:45:00 GMT1547577531409<![CDATA[FIFA Technical Study Group publishes 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia report]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/fifa-technical-study-group-publishes-2018-fifa-world-cup-russia-reportTue, 16 Oct 2018 08:51:00 GMT1547577530595<![CDATA[Predictor champ’s unforgettable Russia 2018 adventure ]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/predictor-champ-s-unforgettable-russia-2018-adventure<p>The 2017 FIFA Predictor champion Geoff Guttmann tells FIFA.com about the trip he won to the Russia 2018 semi-final between France and Belgium with his wife.</p> Tue, 09 Oct 2018 19:02:00 GMT1547577531248<![CDATA[A throwback to Russia 2018, looking ahead at Qatar 2022]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/a-throwback-to-russia-2018-looking-ahead-at-qatar-2022<p>Three months after France lifted the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ and a great sense of achievement took over the Russian people following such a successful event, key members of the Local Organising Committee’s operational staff gathered with FIFA in Zurich to debrief on the tournament. Joining the 30 participants from Moscow and eager to assimilate the main lessons learnt by the previous hosts, were another 26 experts from Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery &amp; Legacy and the Local Organising Committee.</p> Mon, 15 Oct 2018 07:12:00 GMT1547577530417<![CDATA[Matosas named new Costa Rica coach]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/matosas-named-new-costa-rica-coach<p>Former Uruguay international Gustavo Matosas has been named to lead Costa Rica ahead of their FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ qualifying campaign.</p> Wed, 10 Oct 2018 02:50:00 GMT1547577530236<![CDATA[African underdogs aim to upset odds again]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/african-underdogs-aim-upset-odds-againTue, 09 Oct 2018 08:16:00 GMT1547577530127<![CDATA[New kids on the international block]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/new-kids-on-the-international-blockMon, 08 Oct 2018 13:39:00 GMT1547577529794<![CDATA[Southgate signs on for four more years]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/southgate-signs-on-for-four-more-yearsThu, 04 Oct 2018 13:08:00 GMT1547577529358<![CDATA[Captain Socceroo says farewell]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/captain-socceroo-says-farewellTue, 02 Oct 2018 03:07:00 GMT1547577529302<![CDATA[Akinfeev retires from Russia duty]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/akinfeev-retires-from-russia-dutyMon, 01 Oct 2018 10:45:00 GMT1547577528427<![CDATA[Football family gathers to grow together]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/football-family-gathers-to-grow-together-2994427<p>The FIFA Football Conference, staged in London on Sunday, brought together the coaches of almost 200 member associations to discuss the principal trends that emerged from Russia 2018. At the end of the event, some of the key participants shared their experiences.</p> Sun, 23 Sep 2018 21:00:00 GMT1547577528417<![CDATA[FIFA Football Conference identifies emerging trends and tactics from 2018 FIFA World Cup™ ]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/fifa-football-conference-identifies-emerging-trends-and-tactics-from-2018-fifa-w<p>70 days after the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Final, coaches and technical experts from nearly 200 member associations and all confederations gathered at the FIFA Football Conference in London today to analyse the latest footballing trends and tactics showcased at this summer’s showpiece event in Russia.</p> Sun, 23 Sep 2018 15:49:00 GMT1547577528333<![CDATA[RELIVE: Watch the experts at the FIFA Football Conference]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/watch-the-experts-at-the-fifa-football-conference-on-sundayFri, 21 Sep 2018 07:39:00 GMT1547577528342<![CDATA[Tabarez signs four-year contract renewal with Uruguay]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/tabarez-signs-four-year-contract-renewal-with-uruguay<p>The Uruguay Football Association announced that an agreement has been reached between long-time head coach Oscar Tabarez and his staff to continue leading the national team for another four years.</p> Fri, 21 Sep 2018 18:40:00 GMT1547577528088<![CDATA[How the deaf and hard of hearing community watched Russia 2018]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/how-the-deaf-and-hard-of-hearing-community-watched-russia-2018<p>As well as FIFATV on YouTube and FIFA.com providing all the goals and match highlights from an unforgettable tournament in Russia, round-ups of all 64 matches were also produced by FIFA for the deaf and hard of hearing in International Sign Language.</p> Mon, 17 Sep 2018 13:31:00 GMT1547577528173<![CDATA[Russia 2018 takes centre stage at FIFA Football Conference in London]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/russia-2018-takes-centre-stage-at-fifa-football-conference-in-londonWed, 19 Sep 2018 08:22:00 GMT1547577527912<![CDATA[Russia 2018 fairy tale in the eyes of the fans]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/russia-2018-fairy-tale-in-the-eyes-of-the-fans-2993912<p>The memories of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ hosts' extraordinary moments in June and July are still fresh in the minds of Russian supporters, who gave their perspective on the <em>Sbornaya</em>’s performance in this video feature.</p> Fri, 14 Sep 2018 12:18:00 GMT1547577527815<![CDATA[Celebrating the best of Russia 2018]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/celebrating-the-best-of-russia-2018<p>Sit back, relax and savour the ingredients that went into making this year’s 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ one for the ages.</p> Wed, 12 Sep 2018 19:27:00 GMT1547577527690<![CDATA[Panini World Cup Winners announced!]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/panini-world-cup-winners-announcedThu, 06 Sep 2018 15:52:00 GMT1547577527448<![CDATA[African big names back firing amid some surprises]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/africa-big-names-back-firing-amid-surprises<p><strong>FIFA.com</strong> rounds up Matchday 2 of the qualifying competition for the 2019 CAF Africa Cup of Nations, to be held next June in Cameroon.</p> Mon, 10 Sep 2018 10:51:00 GMT1547577527319<![CDATA[Kane receives adidas Golden Boot at Wembley]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/kane-receives-adidas-golden-boot-at-wembley<p>Before England’s UEFA Nations League opener against Spain on Saturday, 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ top goalscorer Harry Kane was presented with the adidas Golden Boot award at Wembley Stadium.</p> Thu, 06 Sep 2018 17:37:00 GMT1547577527329<![CDATA[New starts and new faces in Africa]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/new-starts-new-faces-africa<p>With Africa abuzz again as qualifying resumes for the CAF Africa Cup of Nations,** FIFA.com **highlights the major recent developments on the continent's football scene.</p> Fri, 07 Sep 2018 16:34:00 GMT1547577527105<![CDATA[Tite's five fresh samba starlets]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/tite-s-five-fresh-samba-starletsTue, 04 Sep 2018 23:39:00 GMT1547577527022<![CDATA[Parreira on Russia 2018: Possession is no longer a must]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/parreira-on-russia-2018-possession-is-no-longer-a-mustWed, 05 Sep 2018 07:37:00 GMT1547577527010<![CDATA[Pekerman steps down as Colombia coach]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/pekerman-steps-down-as-colombia-coachTue, 04 Sep 2018 20:49:00 GMT1547577526919<![CDATA[Osorio named new Paraguay boss]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/osorio-named-new-paraguay-bossTue, 04 Sep 2018 00:02:00 GMT1547577526830<![CDATA[Qatar invites volunteers to help prepare for 2022 FIFA World Cup™]]>http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/qatar-invites-volunteers-to-help-prepare-for-2022-fifa-world-cuptm<p>People from Qatar and across the world have been invited to register their interest in volunteering to support preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™, the first World Cup in the Arab world.</p> Mon, 03 Sep 2018 10:15:00 GMT