2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™

9 June - 9 July

2006 FIFA World Cup™

We're proud of you, say German media

The morning after their national team's devastating FIFA World Cup™ semi-final defeat by Italy, the German media have unanimously shied clear of criticising coach Jurgen Klinsmann and his young squad.

Instead, journalists and reporters have responded to Germany's dramatic 2-0 loss in the dying seconds of extra time in Dortmund with praise, consoling words and calls for the current regime to continue their good work. FIFAworldcup.com rounds up the reaction:

Coaches' reaction / Players' reaction

"Unlucky lads! You battled like world champions. Germany's dream of winning the World Cup has been shattered. It would have been brilliant, but now we'll take third place on Saturday, and none of us is complaining. We say this to Klinsi and all his lads: Thanks for a fantastic World Cup. We're weeping with you! Over the last few weeks, the Germans have rediscovered a love for their country and for their football team, and that's here to stay. The ruthless Italians were just a fraction stronger in a fantastic, intense, top-class match. Chin up, lads! Italy were (still) just too good for us." Bild

"Italy sealed a not undeserved place in the Final thanks to goals in the 119th and 121st minutes. Unlucky Germany showed outstanding bravery, but were ultimately forced to concede defeat to the ruthless and clinical Azzurri." Kicker

"The dream lies in tatters! But chin up, and no moaning. We've lost the semi-final by the narrowest of margins, but we won't be downhearted. We are Germany, and we're the moral world champions!" Express

"Our wonderful odyssey to the stars is over, ended by a clean, down-to-earth shot by Fabio Grosso to put Italy 1-0 up in the 119th minute of the World Cup semi-final. Did anyone notice the second goal after that? The path leading to this bitter end, on the 52nd anniversary of the 'Miracle of Bern', was long and hard, and the German players used up all the luck set aside for them in this and indeed in the next life." Suddeutsche Zeitung

"An abrupt end to a glorious journey: even on returning to their team base in Berlin, the German players' faces were still wet with tears." Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"Following the second goal, the final knock-out blow after 120 absorbing and dramatic minutes, most of the German players sank to the turf and wept like children. It was left to the fans, outstanding yet again, to put their devastation to one side and console the team with chants of "Deutschland" and standing ovations. Moving scenes followed, the crowd rising as one to sing "You'll never walk alone" as the players thanked them for their support throughout the tournament. The refreshing and attractive style introduced by Klinsmann represents a major step forward for German football, but that was no consolation to anyone on a night filled with tears." Sport1.de