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2014 FIFA World Cup™

Hope and perseverance in Natal

The star attraction at the Health and Safety at Work event held on 28 March at the Estadio das Dunas in Natal was unquestionably Seleção legend Bebeto. However, even he would have to admit that a little known Rio Grande do Norte native stole the show, when the master of ceremonies invited him to sing the ‘anthem’ of the construction project.

“I knew there was an event planned on site, so I practiced the words night and day,” said 41-year-old Francinaldo Marques. “If I had the choice, singing would be my profession,” he added. Currently Francinaldo works as a cleaner in the workers’ canteen at the new Estadio das Dunas, which will be one of the host stadiums at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.

“I go around clearing the tables with my mobile phone hanging around my neck, playing music nice and loud. Some people complained at first but they were the same ones who were later asking me to put the song on their mobiles. You could say that on this song I’m a professional,” he said proudly.

I go around clearing the tables with my mobile phone hanging around my neck, playing music nice and loud.


Indeed such is Francinaldo’s popularity that he topped the poll in the recent CIPA (Internal Committee for the Prevention of Accidents) elections on the project. “In one month here, I’ve made enough friends for 500 years,” he added.

The song that Francinaldo could not get out of his head and which won over his fellow workers, Vai dar tudo certo (Everything will work out fine), is all about optimism and perseverance. These are qualities which Francinaldo has in abundance, as he showed by spending three months calling and visiting the project while waiting for a vacancy.

“Now I realise that the song has a lot to do with work. To succeed, you have to endure certain ordeals, but there is always recompense. When the Arena das Dunas is ready, I’ll sing the anthem at the top of my voice,” he promised.

The same day he sang Vai dar tudo certo at the work event, Francinaldo featured on a television news report. So excited were his four children afterwards that they practically knocked him off his feet when he returned home. Now after getting a job, being elected head of the project’s CIPA, and starring on TV, Francinaldo is dreaming of building his own house and hoping that, for him too, everything will work out fine…

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